Strolling through the streets of downtown Bourges means stopping in the small craft shops and local vendors. We can't list them all for you here, but we have prepared a short circuit for you, between rue Mirebeau, place Gordaine, rue Moyenne and rue d'Auron. To decorate, to dress, and above all to enjoy!

The House of the Forestines

These famous “Les Forestines” praline-filled sweets are an institution in Bourges and Berry. A unique specialty in France. Many other delicious confections are to be discovered at the shop! Notice to foodies 

Information: /
37 rue Mirebeau

The Little Grinder

The paradise of knives in Bourges. Le petit Rémouleur is located at the end of rue Mirebeau, a stone's throw from the Avaricum shopping centre. It offers a wide choice of blades, of different sizes, shapes and even customizable. This emblematic knife maker even offers to sharpen your tools as well as other useful everyday products. The passage rue Mirebeau is essential, the stop at the small Rémouleur is highly recommended!
Information: / 20 rue Mirebeau

Swamp Flavors

Created in 1995 by Ludovic GOURDON, the Saveurs des Marais biscuit factory offers products made by craftsmen and worked manually in order to preserve their authenticity.

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121 St. Amand Avenue

Noel Jovy

It is the direct neighbor of the Panier d'Hélène, at the intersection of Place Gordaine and Rue Bourbonnoux. A concentrate of indulgence not to be missed! Noël Jovy is a recognized artisan chocolatier offering bars, truffles and other chocolate delicacies, to be enjoyed without moderation! Take the opportunity to taste one of its specialties, the macaron. You won't be able to resist picking up a box!
/ 3 Bourbonnoux Street

Hello Marcel

Taste before you buy! Come and spend Bonjour Marcel, at noon with a sandwich formula and homemade cake, or at the start of the evening with a plate of charcuterie. Fresh products also on sale in the shop!
Information: 11 place of the 4 Pillars


The Sommelier

To quench your thirst on Rue d'Auron, you can sit down at a bar or stop at La Sommelière! A large selection of wines, champagnes and spirits to be consumed in moderation and why not accompanied by a local product!
Information: / 67 rue d'Auron

Auron roasting

Do you prefer a coffee or tea to a glass of wine? A little further down the same street, the Torréfaction d'Auron offers a variety of smells and tastes, in coffee, tea and jam!
Information: / 75 rue d'Auron

Fanny Jewelry

You will feel the magic of Fanny's creations as soon as you enter her shop. Unique, modern, customizable on demand, she even takes care of restoring your old jewelry and repairing your watches, to add her Berry touch!
Information: / 64, 66 rue Mirebeau


Between Avaricum and Place Gordaine, the Quintescence boutique takes shape on rue Mirebeau. It's up to you to decide if the jewels and accessories of all the colors that this point of sale offers you are the quintessence of jewellery!
/ 68 rue Mirebeau

My Natural Shop

With its ecological care products for the body or for the home, it could become your natural boutique! Reduction of waste, protection of the environment and above all pleasant attention for your body!
Information: / 67 rue Mirebeau


Denix welcomes you to its lair of comics and children's literature. Not to mention the obvious link with the Gallic adventurer comic book hero Asterix, dozens of titles are available to you, to the delight of the little ones... and a little of the grown-ups too!
Information: / 43 rue Coursarlon

The Dungeon Pages

A few steps from the Librairix, the Pages du Donjon open up to you to tell you lots of stories, but also to play and escape. You may get lost, but we won't blame you!
Information: / 56 rue Coursarlon

Aroma of Old Bourges

Ideally located on one of the most beautiful squares in Bourges, the Arôme du Vieux Bourges will make all your senses work. A range of very varied, local, artisanal and delicious products! A well-deserved gourmet break after such a long city tour!
Information: / 11 Place Gordaine

Berry treasure

Delicatessen with products made only in Berry

Information: 02 48 69 88 48 /
105 Auron Street