From €29,90 per person.

Wine Gaming is the 1st oenological escape game! Will you be able to win this precious trophy at the end of the various games that will be offered to you? Without a doubt ! But on the condition of passing the tasting tests…

Join the adventure and embark on an epic quest with your friends! Assemble your team of 4-8 players and get ready to face thrilling challenges and intricate puzzles. But beware, time is running out! You will only have a limited time to solve all the puzzles and find the legendary bottle of wine.

But make no mistake, this quest is not about freeing yourself. You will go in search of this exceptional bottle of wine which would have belonged to the personal collection of Jacques Cœur, the treasurer of King Charles VII. Imagine the pride of owning such a treasure, which has spanned the centuries and the history of France!

So gather your most crafty friends and take on the challenge. Use your skills and logic to solve the puzzles and advance in your quest. Excitement and adrenaline will be there, because every second counts. Do you dare to take up the challenge and discover the legendary treasure?

  • €29,90 per person (from 6 players up to 8 people) 
  • €33,90 per person (5 players, price per person) 
  • €37,90 per person (4 players, price per person) 
  • Playing time: about 1 hour  
Wine Gaming Bourges

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