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In each memory sleeps the smell of hot bread. No other delicacy provides as many positive emotions as that of dough just out of the oven.

Bread connects us to our history. So, at Les Jardins de Mala, a guest house for eco-tourism and sustainable cuisine, we built a bread oven to bake it over a wood fire. Carrying out all the stages of bread-making, observing the transformations is a fascinating activity. With natural bread-making courses, we invite you to reconnect with the indulgence of nutritious, authentic bread full of aromas.

Bread is food for the sensitive. The gestures of kneading make it possible to create the conditions so that the flour, water, salt and leaven trigger natural fermentation. The objective of the course is to give you the keys to understand the process and be able to make bread at home in all circumstances. Saturday from 14 p.m.: you knead your dough while assimilating a few success factors (temperature, hydration, flaps). During the first period of growth: more theoretical part on the brief history of bread and cereals, bread-making wheats, the "baking force", the different flours, gluten and the modern evolution of baking. Placing the dough pieces in bannetons and cold fermentation for the night. Sunday (8 a.m. to 15 p.m.): heating of the wood oven, discussion on how it works, the benefits of fire on the taste and texture of bread. During heating: more theoretical part on the living fermentation of sourdough, its nutritional advantages, the difference with baker's yeast and how to start your own. Baking of the dough pieces. During baking: discussion on the different baking methods for bread, how to bake it at home, how to organize yourself when working to make bread. Lunch: snack taken together. 

Les Jardins de Mala can accommodate you in one of their three rooms for the course. Two double bedrooms (160X200) for two people. A bedroom with a double bed (160X200) + a single bed (90X190) for two or three people. 

Internship weekend pack + overnight stay: €190 for one person, €300 for two (beds made, towels provided). Price of the course alone: ​​110€ per person. The price includes: meals, breakfast snacks and coffees for breaks, Sunday lunchtime snacks. Everyone leaves with their bread and for those who wish, a jar of sourdough.

Jardins de Mala

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