If all roads lead to Rome, several of them lead to the marshes! Be careful, you are entering a natural, classified and private area, please respect it.

From May, discover the Marais de Bourges aboard a traditional boat to enjoy a moment of relaxation close to the city center. A veritable green lung, discover nearly 135 hectares of cultivated gardens surrounded by rivers and canals. Guided by a "bourdeur", who will tell you the anecdotes and the history of this exceptional site to be preserved.

A little history: In ancient times, the marshes were a natural defense encircling Bourges in the form of a marshy area before being divided into several individual plots for individuals from the XNUMXth century. 

8€ child rate
12€ adult price
1 hour walk from Chemin des Caraqui, Place des Frênes.

 (6 people maximum). 
Subject to weather conditions, the number of people, the availability of bourdeurs.

Marais de Bourges

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Le Carré
11 Rue Maurice Roy 
18023 Bourges
Such. : 02 48 48 00 15 / 02 48 48 00 19 / 02 48 48 00 23