Would you like a nature break in the heart of Bourges? So head to the Marais de Bourges, a veritable little paradise of greenery, vegetable gardens and fresh water!


Located at the foot of the medieval quarter, the Marsh of Bourges provide space for relaxation and discovery close to the historic center of Bourges. Thus, 135 hectares are lovingly grown in home gardens by their owners and provide a ride surprising nature in the heart of the city. 

In the Middle Ages, these marshy lands ensured the defense of the city and in the XNUMXth century, the Jesuits buy the marshes and rent them to individuals, who cultivate them. Culture market gardening will last until the XNUMXth century.

La Swamp Festival is organized at the beginning of September. The closest weekend to Saint Fiacre (patron saint of gardeners) while the crops abound and the marshes take on color autumn with parades of illuminated boats, a floating market and model making.

Marais de Bourges
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Close to the city center

Initially intended to provide protection to the city, these old swamps crossed by the Yèvre have been converted into allotments. Moreover, with those of Amiens and Saint-Omer, it is one of the last market garden marshes in France. Today classified and protected, the Bourges marshes extend over 135 ha and are cultivated by a number of berruyers who enliven and embellish this magical place with passion. Over the seasons and plantations, the place changes and evolves and we like to rediscover it by walking there on foot or by bicycle.

Map of the Marshes

Treat yourself to an immersive experience

To discover the Marais de Bourges, there's nothing like a little boat trip to feel completely immersed. Moment of relaxation close to the city center, you will be accompanied by a bourdeur who will tell you how much the Marais de Bourges are the little green paradise of the city...

Marais de Bourges
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Pratical information

Free access via rue de Babylone, Quai des Maraîchers, Chemin des Prébendes. To eat, you will find 2 restaurants in the heart of the Marais:

La Courcilliere – Babylon Street –

The Caraqui – Caraqui Road –