The postcard would be incomplete if Bourges did not offer you a few gardens and green spaces to stroll, breathe and relax... Don't worry, they are not lacking and are particularly pampered.

Remarkable gardens

When we say Parks and Gardens in Bourges, we undoubtedly think of those of the Archdiocese and Prés-Fichaux. The first city adjoins the cathedral. Taking up the codes of the French garden, it offers many benches and leisure facilities. Games for children and a carousel surround a pretty kiosk where a few musicians perform on Sundays in the summer. In the heart of the garden, a café provides food on sunny days.
The second, known as Prés-Fichaux, has been labeled “Remarkable Garden” by the Ministry of Culture. The care given to its bushes and arcades makes it an essential stopover for any botany lover. The ideal place for family walks or daydreaming on a bench. Access to these gardens is free.

jardin de l'Archevêché

And also…

For those who prefer wide open spaces, then head for the Val d'Auron which can be reached from the Trouée Verte. A favorite spot for joggers and families, this space unfolds around an artificial lake where some water sports are being developed (rowing, windsurfing). Large esplanades, beaches, tennis courts, boules or volleyball courts make it a popular place in the summer. Let's not forget the famous Marsh of Bourges to discover elsewhere on this dedicated page.