The Maison des Musées and the Natural History Museum are offering new exhibitions and the Estève Museum will reopen its doors for a summer. We tell you everything about the new museums in Bourges. Good visit !

The House of Museums takes up sport

The House of Museums inaugurated its new exhibition on March 13 Muses and athletes, Sport comes out of its reserves.
The exhibition highlights the history and origins of sport, from its etymology to its current practice.
We discover in particular the evolution of simple games to competitive sports, the influence of technical progress but also the relationship of social classes to sporting practices and the place of women in sport in general.

House of Museums
Place Étienne Dolet, 18000 Bourges
From March 13, 2024 to January 4, 2025
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 14 p.m. to 18 p.m.

The Museum in the Air of the times

The Natural History Museum welcomes a new exhibition entitled The Air of Time. Combination of two exhibitions: that of the Exploradôme in Paris and that of the Science Center. The exhibition explores the theme of air in all its aspects, both physical, scientific and biological, but also its environmental issues. The course is intended to be experiential and fun with a trail of observations and games, perfect for a family visit!

Museum of Natural History
Avenue René Menard, 18000 Bourges
From April 20 to November 10, 2024
Open daily from 14h to 18h

Temporary opening of the Estève Museum

The Estève Museum, located in the Hôtel des Échevins, in the city center of Bourges, will open its doors during the summer period. From July 4 to September 22, 2024, visitors will once again be able to admire the colorful works of the Berruyer painter Maurice Estève (1904-2001).

Esteve Museum
13 rue Édouard Branly, 18000 Bourges
From 4 July to 22 September 2024
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 14h to 18h