Find in this article our selection of events not to be missed in Bourges and its surroundings in February. Whether you like hiking, concerts, theater, exhibitions or rather visits, you will definitely find what you are looking for!
The Palace in tune

Immerse yourself in musical immersion and rediscover the Palais Jacques Cœur as if you were there in the 15th century.

The Palace in tune
Location: Jacques Coeur Palace
Rue Jacques Coeur, 18000 Bourges
Date and time: Thursday February 15 at 15 p.m.
Price: 9€

Become Salon

Discover the mobility of the future and its challenges: new technologies, sustainable development, latest innovations, evolution of the current travel model. 

Become Salon
Location: Auron Salon
Boulevard Lamarck, 18000 Bourges
Dates and times:
Sunday 16, from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m.
Saturday 17, from 10 a.m. to 20 p.m.
Friday 18, from 14 p.m. to 20 p.m.
Price: 3€

Carried tracks

Art Scène Média students offer you practical workshops, artistic proposals and other surprises…

Carried tracks
Location: Bourges House of Culture
Rue de Séraucourt, 18000 Bourges
Dates and times:
Thursday February 15 at 18 p.m.
Price: 3€

71st Bourges-Sancerre

The legendary hike returns this year! The departure will take place at midnight from Bourges Cathedral and the arrival will be at Piton de Sancerre. 3 courses are offered with different departures and distances for all levels.

71st Bourges-Sancerre
Dates and times:
Sunday February 18 from midnight

bourges sancerre
International festival: Long live the magic!

Let yourself be enchanted by the brand new show and the universe of 10 talented and unique artists. Come laugh, thrill and be amazed as a duo, with family or friends.

Long live the magic!
Location: Auron Palace
7 Boulevard Lamarck, 18000 Bourges
Dates and times:
Saturday February 24 at 17 p.m.

Funny beasts at the Palace

Discover the animals that sleep in the palace. Fantastic or real: monkeys, dragons, bears or salamanders... You will know everything about these funny beasts, guardians of the monument!

Funny creatures at the Palace!
Location: Jacques Coeur Palace
Rue Jacques Coeur, 18000 Bourges
Dates and times:
Tuesday February 27 from 14:15 p.m.
Wednesday February 28 from 14:15 p.m.
Fees : 9€/adult, 6€/child

Live Drama

There is no Ajar – February 6
Cabaret Improv – ImproScène – February 9
Koulounization – February 17
Family Saga – February 21
The imaginary patient or the silence of Molière – February 21
Far from the Ball – February 23
Sutured – February 24
Never two without twelve – February 28


Récré-à-son concert – February 9
The Rabeats – February 10
Julien Bertrand NEW FLY 5tet – February 11
A weird world – February 14
Performance – February 17
L'Homme qui marche – February 17
Is there guitar in rap? – February 16


Hit hard (as if to wake the dead) – February 9
Messmer – 13Hz – February 16
The wide – February 21
It’s decided, I’m becoming a bitch! – February 22


Exhibition The Art Ribambelle – From February 3 to 11
Nature Photographers Exhibition 2023 – WPY 59 – Until March 10
Nitsa Meletopoulos – Brigiette Long – Association Céramique de la Borne – From February 3 to 18 
EUROPA – Opening on February 9 
Hello to you – February 18