If there is ever an opportunity to set new goals and discover new things, it is the transition to the new year. We'll guide you step by step to start the year 2024 the right way!

Eat well

In Bourges, if you think of your favorite dish, you will inevitably find it in one of the many restaurants from the city. And if you like to have tea with friends for a moment of relaxation, you will find what you are looking for at Philomene, Cake Tea or even Praline & Panda.

Good sleep

For a green break, surrounded by nature, the gîte du Fairy Lake or that of 16, Maison d’hôte en Berry located in Henrichemont, both offer you a relaxing and restful stay.

If you prefer accommodation in the city center, the bed and breakfast Heart of Bourges and l'Hotel d'Angleterre located in the heart of Bourges will allow you to explore the streets of the historic city center at your leisure.


For family fun, the rink for slides or even at Fun Sport Factory where you will discover many activities such as connected climbing, ax throwing or even karaoke rooms.

Fans of board games? Meet at The Game Tower for a friendly moment with friends around a drink and a game board.

Cultivate yourself well

Bourges, elected European Capital of Culture in 2028 on December 13, promises a year rich in cultural events. To start your 2024 in Bourges off right, immerse yourself in the artistic and cultural excitement that characterizes the city.

At the Culture House, you will find numerous shows, theater, dance, music, enough to satisfy your artistic appetite. For artists at heart, you will findDen Skins, The Box Gallery and Water Tower-Châteaux d’Art spaces dedicated to the dissemination and exhibition of art, among others.

If you have not yet visited Le Jacques Coeur Palace, St. Stephen's Cathedral and its crypt, the House of Museums, Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Museum of Resistance and Deportation and the Museum of Trains and Military Crews, you have your list for the year 2024!

Recharge your batteries

There are plenty of pretty places in Bourges to enjoy a little greenery and fresh air. You can walk or even play sports around the Lake Auron. For walking, there's nothing like a stroll in the Marsh of Bourges. You can also get on your bike and ride along the Berry Channel towards Plaimpied-Givaudins or Mehun-sur-Yèvre.

If you just want to stroll through the gardens, go to Fichaux Meadows Garden art-deco style orArchdiocese which offers the most beautiful view of the cathedral.


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