This travel diary to discover Bourges is the result of the collaboration between Bourges Berry Tourisme and Lapin. Known as a figure of Urban Sketching, in other words, drawing taken from life, Lapin published a work dedicated to the Capital of Berry.

Following in the footsteps of Marcel Bascoulard, it is Lapin who observes, sketches and draws Bourges in his notebook: he succeeds in capturing the atmosphere of the essential monuments or even major events: Saint-Etienne Cathedral, the Jacques Cœur Palace, the Marais and Printemps de Bourges, everything is there!

So set off to (re)discover Bourges with this travel diary!

Who is RABBIT?

Lapin is a French artist living in Barcelona, ​​defined as a mobile illustrator. He has 200 sketchbooks to his credit over the last 19 years. His artistic vision is based on “rapid and precise observation”, all based on “the people he meets, and the places he travels to”. He is a precursor of Urban Sketching, enjoying a real reputation in the global community. Indeed, he was a professor at the Fine Arts in Barcelona and painted for the Air Force (at the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget)... Because of his pen, it is breathtaking. breath, Lapin is coveted in many municipalities, but also countries. Among these places, we find; the Dubai Tourist Office, the Clermont-Ferrand travel diary fair, the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris…

Lapin is renowned as a true “teacher” who listens, is close to people, and accessible to all!

Why Bourges?

Located about 40 minutes from Bourges, Val d'Aubois is particularly important to Lapin; in fact, he has significant family ties there. For this reason every summer, he comes to Bourges.

It contributes to the influence of the city and the department through the prism of an original and artistic approach is part of our desire to offer a new vision of the city of Bourges by combining art and heritage! All the richness of Bourges and its surroundings is transcribed in this travel diary. It takes us on a journey into the Berruyer universe and pushes us to (re)discover tangible and intangible heritage through Urban Sketching.

Where can I get the travel diary?

Whether you are locals proud of the promotion of your city, tourists or expatriates curious to rediscover the capital of Berry, you can find this travel diary:

  • At the Bourges / Mehun-sur-Yèvre Tourist Office
  • In the sites mentioned and who wish
  • In the La Bouinotte distribution network

To put in your diaries - a signing session in the presence of Lapin will take place on:

  • Friday 29 September 2023
  • From 14:30 am to 17:30 pm
  • At the Bourges Tourist Office

A second dedication project will take place in December 2023 - It's just waiting for you!


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