The start of the school year in Bourges brings its share of discoveries and new opportunities. Between the evolution of the public transport network, unusual guided tours, captivating cultural events and outdoor entertainment options, the city offers a diverse range of experiences to savor.

(Re)discover the city

Take the bus

From September 1, the Bourges agglomeration bus becomes free! And from September 4, the network is evolving. The lines have new numbering and new colors for greater readability, an extension beyond the Nation terminus, longer timetables, more on-demand transport for people with disabilities and underserved municipalities and finally, a new, more frequent city center shuttle.

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Board the little train

Everybody aboard ! The little train takes you on a 45 minute journey. You will enjoy a guided tour of 18 emblematic places in Bourges, from the Cathedral to the Palais Jacques Cœur, passing by the Hôtel Dieu or the Convent of the Ursulines.

More info and booking on or at the Bourges Tourist Office.

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Stroll during the Nuits Lumière

Explore the city at night, bathed in blue light. THE Nights Light offer a unique experience with animations projected onto buildings such as the Palais Jacques Cœur, the Hôtel Lallemant and even La Poste. A different way of discovering Bourges, which young and old will appreciate.

Dates for the Nuits Lumière in September: 
1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17 (for European Heritage Days)

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find an activity

Association Day

Find the activity made for you during the association festival which will take place on Sunday September 10 at the Palais d'Auron from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. You will find sports, artistic, cultural, charitable associations… and many others. There will be choices!

Libraries and media library

With its 3 libraries (Quatre Piliers, Gibjonc and Val d'Auron) as well as its Leïla Slimani media library, the city of Bourges offers you workspaces, digital resources, internet access stations and above all thousands of documents. available, whether books, magazines, comics, mangas, sheet music, CDs or even DVDs. You can consult them on site or take them with you by taking the library card.

More info on registrations

Keep yourself informed

Get OnBourges magazine

You will find in this free bi-annual magazine a lot of information on new products in Bourges, tips, recipes, interviews and good addresses to discover in Bourges and its surroundings. Issue #11, Spring/Summer is still available at the Tourist Office and everywhere in town and in your shops. The next issue, Autumn/Winter will be available from September 21 at the Tourist Office.

Read the OnBourges magazine online

Magazine On Bourges
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Join the social networks of Bourges Berry Tourisme

Do you want to find new ideas for places to discover, activities and experiences to enjoy? So join the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Tourist Office so you don't miss a thing. You can also consult the calendars of the City of Bourges as well as that of the Tourist Office to be informed of the next concerts, exhibitions, activities, flea markets and more...

TOURIST OFFICE : Facebook / Instagram / TikTokAgenda

Go green

Explore nature

Back to school means back to the office and school, but in Bourges there are many ways to take a breath of fresh air. Escape the urban hustle and bustle by exploring, on foot or by bike, the Berry Channel or Green Gap in the middle of nature. Meet in the Fichaux Meadows Garden, theArchdiocese or even at Square Jean de Berry for a green walk, and why not a picnic? And of course take a stroll through the  Marsh of Bourges, the green lung of the city that you never get tired of.

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Enjoy the last days of summer

In September, summer is not over. We still have good days ahead of us. Fully savor these last moments of sunshine on the Val d'Auron beach with its supervised and equipped bathing area, ideal for a barbecue. Start an investigation with the Giant Sherlock in the city. Have fun at the Round of the game around a glass and a game board and vibrate to the rhythm of the music during the concert of Machine at the Maison de la Culture, September 15th.

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Bourges is a superb town..very lively full of things to visit.. Free transport is the icing on the cake..!! Well done and thank you

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