The “Beautiful summer of Bourges” is making a comeback! Once again this year, you won't get bored in Bourges! Many activities will be offered to you by the actors of the city until the end of August 2023.

Best of the 2023 edition

Launch of the Beautiful Summer

The launch of the Bel Eté de Bourges will be colorful. Appointment Place Gordaine the Saturday July 15 From 16 h to watch the parade The Valiant Show & Marching Band which will be followed by a Color & Fun Place Etienne Dolet à 17h  !

© John Thomas

Guinguette on the quays of the Auron

For its second edition, the guinguette settles on the quays of the Auron, it will make you dance and feast at the edge of the water. It has been open since May 23 from Wednesday to Saturday, lunchtimes and evenings, as well as Sunday afternoons. Restaurant on site to enjoy a musical atmosphere worthy of beautiful summer evenings. 

quais berruyers
© Berruyers Quays

Outdoor cinema

Every year, the culture House organizes its cinema in the open air or should we say in the open water this year. You can find the aquatic program in the heart of the various emblematic places of the city, in particular in the Jardin des Prés Fichaux, at the beach of Val d'Auron or in the Parc Paysager des Gibjoncs. Get out the popcorn and a little wool to enjoy the show!

Among the 8 sessions offered, find many emblematic films such as "The big blue" by Luc Besson with Jean Reno and Jean-Marc Barr, "The shape of water" by Guillermo del Toro or "Ponyo on the cliff" by Hayao Miyazaki. 

All sessions will begin as soon as night falls.

  • Wednesday 5 July in the Jardin des Prés Fichaux: The shape of water (VOST)
  • Sunday 9 July on Val d'Auron Beach: The song of the sea
  • Wednesday, July 12 at the Raymond Boisdé swimming pool: Full water cinema, short film program
  • Sunday July 16 in Asnières-les-Bourges: Le monde de Nemo
  • Wednesday July 19 on the stairs of the Maison de la Culture: Freshwater Cadet
  • Sunday July 23 in the Gibjoncs Landscape Park: Ponyo on the cliff
  • Wednesday 26 July in the Prés Fichaux garden: Le grand bleu
  • Sunday July 30 on the Val d'Auron beach: The Jaws (VOST)

In case of bad weather, the sessions will be postponed to the cinema of the maisondelaculture at 20:45 p.m.
For more comfort, don't forget your cushions! Picnics are also welcome with the exception of the session at the Raymond Boisdé swimming pool.

Sports for all

For sports lovers or the curious, this summer you will have the opportunity to practice a wide range of sports with the various Bourges clubs, the CCAS for seniors and the Youth Service for 11-17 year olds.

  • Sailing / Paddling (from 8 years old) – July 1 & August 26
  • Paddle boarding - July 22
  • Badminton – July 11, 13 & August 22
  • Orientation walk (adults) – July 11
  • Leisure Football Tour – July 12, 13
  • Wexball - July 13
  • Ultimate - July 15
  • Ropes (seniors) – July 17
  • Archery – July 18, 20, 25, 27 & August 1, 3, 22, 24
  • muscle awakening (seniors) – July 18, 21 & August 8
  • Moutain Biking (11 to 17 years old) – July 18, 25 & August 1, 8
  • Tai Chi Chuan (adults) – July 20 & August 8, 22
  • Orienteering course - July 22
  • Boxing – July 22, 29
  • Discovery of the canoe (seniors) – July 25
  • Qi Qong (adults) – July 25 & August 17
  • Canoe kayak / Paddle – July 27 & August 24
  • Mini-Olympics (families) – July 29
  • Petanque tournament (seniors) – July 31
  • Voltage Off – August 1 & 3
  • Discovery of paddle (seniors) – August 1
  • Outdoor games: mölky, archery… (seniors) – August 7
  • Postural gymnastics – August 8, 10
  • Volleyball - August 26
  • Baseball - August 26
© Annie Spratt

Thursdays at Place Gordaine

Every Thursday from July 7th to August 31st, find “The Thursdays of Place Gordaine” from 18:30 p.m. to 19:30 p.m. and from 20:30 p.m. to 21:30 p.m. with La Charcuterie Musicale for a crazy musical quiz.

© Spring of Bourges

Auron Lake Beach

What could be better than a good swim to cool off in the summer! The Val d'Auron beach will be open for swimming and supervised in July and August. Take the opportunity to take a dip with your children in complete safety, close to the city center. Many other activities are to be discovered on site…

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Bourges Light Nights

Don't forget to take advantage of the not-to-be-missed Nuits Lumière de Bourges. From May 17 to September 17, the city is adorned with blue as soon as night falls. In this mysterious atmosphere, you can admire the scenographies projected on the buildings and in the emblematic places of the city. More info in the dedicated article…

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5 night markets around the Cathedral

For those who are not in the morning, or those who enjoy shopping in the evening, the city of Bourges has found the solution! What could be better than a night market to have fun and discover local products? Enjoy 5 dates during the summer to meet local producers in a friendly atmosphere at the foot of the Cathedral.

The markets will be present on Place Etienne Dolet from 17:30 p.m. until 22 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Thursday July 20
  • Thursday July 27
  • Thursday, August 3
  • Thursday, August 10
  • Thursday, August 17

12 concerts in the city gardens

How about setting off to explore the city's gardens to the sound of summer concerts! The beautiful summer of Bourges has prepared 12 concerts for you in 6 different gardens in the heart of the city. The musical style will be very varied, between American folk, chamber music, modern jazz, or Latin salsa, you will not be disappointed with the cultural diversity offered. So grab your diaries and jot down the 12 dates below…

  • Friday July 21 at 21 p.m. in the courtyard of the Palais Jacques Cœur: Nohant Chopin Festival “Outside the walls” – Literary concert on the theme of nature
  • Saturday, July 22 at 21 p.m. in the Square du Cardinal Lefebvre: The Heiresses – “Tribute to RIMITTI” – Raï Music
  • Friday July 28 at 21 p.m. in the Jardin d'Asnières: WoodMIK – Folk Americana / World / Pop
  • Saturday, July 29 at 21 p.m. at Square du Cardinal Lefebvre: San Salvador – “La Grande Folie” – Polyphonic singing in Occitan
  • Friday, August 4 at 21 p.m. at the Jardin Edouard André: Aghiad – Middle Eastern Pop Song
  • Saturday, August 5 at 21 p.m. at Square du Cardinal Lefebvre: The Big Ukulele Syndicate – “The Party” – Music and Humor
  • Thursday, August 10 at 21 p.m. at the Jean de Villages Stadium: The Healberries – Bluegrass
  • Friday, August 11 at 21 p.m. at the Jardin de l'Archevêché: Paris Mozart Orchestra – Chamber music for quintet
  • Saturday, August 12 at 21 p.m. at Square du Cardinal Lefebvre: J Sugar Y Orquesta – Salsa Ball
  • Thursday, August 17 at 21 p.m. in the courtyard of the Palais Jacques Cœur: Sweet Memory “Well, dance now! »
  • Friday, August 18 at 21 p.m. at the Jardin de l'Archevêché: KLM Trio – Stéphane Kerecki, Yoann Loustalot, Philippe Macé – Modern jazz / trumpet, flugelhorn, vibraphone, double bass
  • Saturday, August 19 at 21 p.m. in the Square du Cardinal Lefebvre: Haïdouti Orkestar – “Yuh Yuh” – Balkan Orchestra – Türkiye – Orient
Jardin des Prés Fichaux
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Good Berry - Berry Sunday #7 #8 #9

Good Berry returns this year to make you dance to the rhythm of electro music on 3 Sundays between July and August. Makeup stands, bar and catering will be available on site to spend a beautiful afternoon in music.

  • Berry Sunday #7 – Sunday July 2 from 16 p.m. to 22 p.m. on the Val d’Auron beach
  • Berry Sunday #8 – Sunday July 30 from 16 p.m. to 22 p.m. at the Square du Cardinal Lefebvre
    with DJ BIG H, ZWK, B2B &GUEST / Hip Hop Open Format
  • Berry Sunday #9 – Sunday August 27 from 16 p.m. to 22 p.m. at Square Jean de Berry
© Good Berry

Games libraries outside the walls

The municipal toy libraries will be out this summer with "Toy libraries outside the walls".
They will offer you beach games and fast-paced games on the Val d'Auron beach and at the nautical centre, games in the gardens of Prés Fichaux or the Archdiocese or even oversized games on Place Etienne Dolet.

© Thomas Buchholz




I had intended to come and discover Bourges but with all that there is to discover I will quickly come and spend a few days there.

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Where can we find the program thank you


    Hello, you can download the complete digital program on the article page.


Awesome 💡 thank you Very interesting Alima


    We won't be bored this summer!

Perfect Michelle

Impossible to find the exact places of the sport for all


    Hello, you can download the complete program on the page. "Senior sport" is indicated on page 8, "youth meeting points" are on page 9, then you have to look at the agenda, the places change according to the sport and the day.

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