From June 23 to September 17, Bourges and its surroundings are transformed into a constellation of creative projects: exhibitions, concerts, workshops and artistic trails set up in key places in the territory bringing together the Antre Peaux and its Transpalette art center, ENSA Bourges and its La Box gallery, Noirlac Abbey, the ALLONS VOIR! trail, the La Transversale exhibition space at the Alain-Fournier high school, the Hôtel Dieu, the Ateliers de Moison and the Sésame association Autism Dear. This 4th edition brings together throughout the summer 6 exhibitions, 10 workshops and 15 events to discover.

This approach, initiated by the Association Antre Peaux and ENSA Bourges, with the support of the community of Agglomeration Bourges Plus and the city of Bourges, is part of the dynamic initiated since 2021 aimed at supporting the candidacy of Bourges European Capital of Culture 2028.

Make a Space for my Body from June 23 to September 17

Bourges Contemporain Make a space for my body

The Pallet Truck, the Antre Peaux exhibition hall, is hosting the flagship exhibition of this 4rd edition: MAKE A SPACE FOR MY BODY. A mix between performances and photographs combining movement, speech, music and the creation of collective actions which supports a reflection on the staging of oppressed bodies. Several guided tours and performances are organized from June 24th.

Practical information :

Pallet truck – Antre Peaux
24-26 Chapel Road
18000 Bourges

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 15 p.m. to 19 p.m.
Summer closure from August 02 to 15 inclusive.

+02 48 50 38 61 XNUMX

Newspace Mirror from June 29 to October 01

Bourges Contemporain newspace mirror

Students from ENSA Bourges present their work on the paradoxes of contemporary space exploration and its tools for representing Old Space to New Space. The NEWSPACE MIRROR exhibition is the fruit of the work of the eponymous research group of the art school and a sort of cartography of space as a projection of a colonial gaze deeply rooted in the Western collective imagination.

Practical information :

The Box
9 rue Edouard-Branly
18000 Bourges

Free admission from Wednesday to Sunday from 15 p.m. to 19 p.m.

+06 07 62 63 38 XNUMX

Arts trail from July 01 to 30

Bourges contemporain Sentier des arts

This project, which places Art and Nature at its heart, values ​​the work carried out by people with autism. The objective is to decompartmentalize, exchange, share and meet around art. The project is part of the development of the territory with a strong involvement of autistic people as actors within a partnership network anchored in this territory.

Practical information :

La Chataigneraie
1265 Route de Bourges
18390 Osmoy

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m.

+02 48 30 71 20 XNUMX

Lets go see ! from July 01 to September 17

Bourges Contemporain Allons voir

Artists are invited to create a dialogue with sites representative of life in our countryside (barns, washhouses, silos, etc.) in several towns in Pays-Fort (north of Cher). The objective is to invest the places by creating in situ works which allow to discover them under a new glance.

Practical information :

Free admission every day, on all sites, from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. 

You show me the continents, I see the islands from July 14 to September 17

Bourges contemporain Continents Iles

Esther Hoareau and Thierry Cheyrol invite you to Water tower – Art castle to show you the living at work or the work of the living. The exhibition is a dive into a space freed from spatial and temporal bounds where you will go from a nanoscale to a cosmic scale.

Practical information :

Free admission from Tuesday to Sunday from 15 p.m. to 19 p.m.

+06 09 83 34 98 XNUMX

It's not the end of the world from August 28 to October 03

Bourges Contemporain Fin du monde

ENSA Bourges is joining forces with La Transversale to exhibit the work of two recent graduates, Clara Gendre-Wesche and Alice Da Rold, which focuses on the notions of territory and links as well as reflection on our interactions with our environments. This residence will be punctuated by workshops and meetings from June 10th.

Practical information :

Open Monday to Friday from 14 p.m. to 18 p.m.

+02 48 23 11 88 XNUMX