24st June 2023


It is a Berruyère institution. For 6 years, it has thrilled the ever-increasing number of spectators on each side of the Rampe Marceau, between the Place du 8 Mai and the Rives d'Auron. Ladies and gentlemen, take a seat, on Saturday June 24, 2023, it's the Infernal Descent!

Always faster

Speed ​​lovers will be conquered. Every year, the mythical descent of the Rampe Marceau, in the heart of the city, is privatized for this soapbox race. The 80 participants come from all sides: individuals, associations, companies, schools. They have been preparing for several months to build their small motorless vehicle which will represent them on D-Day and which will take place on the starting blocks. The paddocks will be in turmoil. And the parallel with car racing on the circuit does not stop there, since the municipality's partner for the organization is none other than Signature, a world-famous Berry team. Its Signature Frissons event department therefore expects as much emotion as during the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

Always more original

If the thrills will probably not be missing, neither will the laughter and the shouting! Because being the fastest is not the only condition for victory: you have to know how to be original. The imagination of the participants is always put to the test and the bodies of the racing cars are all more burlesque than the other! This year, this madness will be rewarded, popularity will bring benefits. The name of the soapbox, the disguises of the teams, everything will be important! The role of the public will never have had such an impact, so vote on the Facebook page of the event for your favorite vehicle, you can admire them on Saturday June 24 in the garden of the Archdiocese from 10 a.m. Closing of votes: 12 p.m. that same day! And get ready to give your energy the next day to encourage these crazy drivers!

Always more show

On the program, three categories, three possible descents by crews. The races will start at 14 p.m. Saturday, until 20 p.m. Second novelty this year, double dose of fun with frenzied “battles”! The start will be divided into two tracks before joining for a shoulder-to-shoulder descent and a snatch finish! All the safeties have been taken for the famous infernal bend, feared by all runners, and you won't miss a thing thanks to the two giant screens placed strategically. The tension is likely to be palpable, but the atmosphere will obviously be festive and friendly! At the end of the 437 meters descent, the identity of the winner will be revealed. But no losers in this gathering of joy and good humor! La Descente Infernale is next Saturday, June 24, and it's not to be missed!

Descente Infernale