For a walk, a picnic, an afternoon or a weekend, Bourges and its surroundings are full of places to enjoy nature and recharge your batteries alone, with family or friends. friends.

In Bourges

If you are looking for a walk in the countryside without leaving the city, you can go for a walk in the Marshes of Bourges. To the rhythm of birdsong, enjoy a walk along the flowery plots of the market gardeners and if you raise your head a little, you will have a breathtaking view of the cathedral.

For those who prefer long walks or bike rides, Berry Canal is perfect. You can take advantage of shaded paths to stroll along the water and take a break on a bench.

To picnic with family or friends while enjoying the charm of the countryside while staying in town, the lake of Auron is the ideal place. There's plenty to keep you busy all day with a supervised beach, boules court, beach volleyball court, basketball court, tennis courts and a skate park.

Around Bourges

The surroundings of Bourges are full of peaceful places to take a deep breath of fresh air in the countryside.

Starting with a place served by the Canal de Berry by bike: the port and the leisure area of ​​Marmagne. Located about fifteen minutes by bike from Bourges, the Marmagne site offers you an idyllic spot for a picnic by the canal. If you continue a few kilometers you will find a playground for children.

A little further on your way you will arrive at the garden of Duke Jean de Berry at Mehun-sur-Yevre : a bucolic place to sit in the shade of the trees by the water, a book in hand.

Time for a walk or a picnic, we advise you the garden of St-Florent-sur-Cher. Between the Cher and the castle, enjoy a beautiful setting in the countryside. The ideal is to stop there for a picnic, but the park can also be discovered very well during a walk.

Looking for a place to protect yourself from the upcoming heat waves?  Henrichemont pond offers you the possibility of picnicking and resting in the shade of the trees, taking advantage of the beach to refresh yourself, while bathing.

For a weekend at the edge of a pond with friends or in family equipped with a fishing rod, the pond of Migennes in St-Just or the pond of Poiret in Rians are perfect. In the middle of the countryside, they offer you an ideal setting to recharge your batteries by living to the rhythm of nature.


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