That's it, the beautiful days are coming back, the sun is no longer hiding! Now is the time to enjoy it after hibernating all winter. Bourges is full of activities to meet up with family or friends. Discover the listing that will convince you to go out in Bourges & its surroundings.

New season, new look!

If you are looking for a unique shopping experience in a historic and charming city, look no further! Rue Moyenne and the other adjacent streets (Mirebeau, Coursarlon, Porte Jaune…) are the streets where you will find most of the small shops! 

Located in the heart of the city center, this sunny semi-pedestrian zone offers you a variety of shops for all tastes and budgets. From fashion boutiques to souvenir shops, you are sure to find what you are looking for. To take a gourmet break between two shops, bakeries and pastries will satisfy you. The colorful windows attract attention, while the delicious smells of pastries out of the oven will make your mouth water. It is an essential place in the city, especially for those looking to renew their wardrobes for sunny days...

Garden season is open!

These gardens, whether urban or in the surrounding countryside of Bourges, offer a unique visitor experience for all lovers of nature and architecture.

One of the best-known gardens bearing the Remarkable Gardens of the Cher label is that of the Jussy Castle. Extending over nearly 60 hectares, it offers a breathtaking view of the castle which dates from the XNUMXth century. Coming to contemplate its flowers and its alleys shaded by hundred-year-old trees immerses you in the life of the castle, cutting off from the daily rhythm. A second garden not to be missed, during its spring flowering, is the Garden of Mary. An English garden which extends over nearly 2 hectares. Particularly appreciated for its peaceful atmosphere and its romantic charm, it will seduce you. As for the public gardens, the Archbishop's garden has an unobstructed view of the Saint-Etienne Cathedral in Bourges. In addition to its French-style alleys and its panel of colorful flowers, you can enjoy a relaxing break in the center of Bourges. The Prés Fichaux garden is also in the historic center, the ideal place for a family walk or daydreaming on a bench in an Art Deco style. Quiet, large and bright, it is unanimous among the inhabitants. A real family meeting place for several generations.

Jardin des Près Fichaux
Jardin de Marie
Jardin de Jussy

Find good deals

In summer, the mornings become soft and bright, flea markets multiply every weekend. À Bourges and its surroundings, they are much more than simple events, they often allow to create moments of conviviality where the inhabitants and the visitors meet to hunt and discuss. It is also a unique opportunity to discover neighborhoods, towns or villages... These moments of bargain-hunting are unavoidable in the summer period and on warm weekends. Don't miss the bargains.

Take full view...

Unavoidable place for city dwellers, the sunset over the Val d'Auron lake! It is a particularly peaceful and contemplative time of day. The lake, calm and tranquil, reflects the colors of the sky, giving a daily spectacle and rounding off the end of the day. Sitting on the shore of the lake or on the beach, you can observe the reflections of colors, making young and old alike dream. The sunset over the Val d'Auron lake is a time of day when you can truly appreciate the beauty of nature. If you are looking for a place to get away from it all and recharge your batteries, this is the perfect choice for beautiful spring evenings. Why not plan a good picnic?

Have a drink on the terrace

With the arrival of the sun's rays, what could be better than enjoying it while sipping a drink on the terrace? If you live in Bourges or are planning to visit it, here is a selection of bars with a terrace that we recommend! How about a terrace in the middle of a garden?

The Prés-Fichaux refreshment bar is ideal with its open-air theatre. With a view of the Saint-Étienne de Bourges Cathedral, you will discover with pleasure and greed the bar of the Hôtel de ville in the garden of the Archdiocese. Peaceful places to sunbathe. 

To change your habits, why not relax on the Berruyers Quays, which look like a guinguette, placed at the edge of the Auron. Not far from this place is the Stand-Up, the bar of the Maison de la Culture de Bourges. Its terrace is sunny, especially in the evening! Place Gordaine, in the heart of the city center, is an unmissable place in Bourges. Easy to reach on foot, it is full of terraces for a drink or a meal. You will easily reach all the sunny terraces of the square.

Place Simone Vieil is also well attended since it offers a breathtaking view of the cathedral. There are many bars/restaurants with their sunny terraces, they are just waiting for you.

Bourges is full of bars with terraces where you can have a good time. So don't hesitate to go out and enjoy the good weather!

Place Gordaine @Ad2t

Bike ride on the canal...

The Berruyers will be able to confirm it to you, the bike rides on the Canal de Berry are a unique experience, to discover the surrounding countryside at your own pace.

The Canal de Berry extends over approximately 240 kilometers, through the regions of the Centre-Val de Loire and passing through the heart of Bourges. The bike path that follows the canal is well maintained and offers a smooth, flat surface lined with trees, making the bike ride enjoyable for all levels of cyclists. An activity to do with family or friends, offering cultural stops along the way, such as the Château de Charles VII in Mehun-sur-Yèvre...

Canal de Berry
Canal de Berry à vélo

Walk in the Marshes of Bourges

When the sun is shining and the temperature is mild, there is nothing better than walking through the marshes. This wetland offers an ideal setting for enjoying nature and recharging one's batteries. You will be able to discover a unique ecosystem where plants and animals coexist in harmony.

The marshes are located close to the city center, this green lung is easily accessible. A total change of scenery, through the often flat and easy-to-navigate paths, which makes walking accessible to all. From May, book a boat or canoe trip in the marshes of Bourges.

Marais de Bourges

See you at the market...

In Bourges and its surroundings, you will find local markets every day in all seasons. When the good weather arrives, the markets of Bourges prove to be essential places for locals and visitors. Many of them set up shop in town squares, offering a wide variety of fresh, local produce. The Saint-Bonnet market is one of the most popular in the city, it is held every Sunday on the square of the same name, in the heart of the historic center. The Halle au Blé is an emblematic place in the city, this covered market is open every Saturday. It is both a local market and a popular flea market. You can take a break at the bar to enjoy seafood with a small glass of white wine.


Explore Bourges by metro...

As part of its candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2028, Metro Europa is a playful proposal for a dynamic, low-carbon route, to be covered on foot, by scooter or by bike in the median cities. It is an "imaginary" metro that will allow you to discover places identified by citizens' decisions. Places that are sometimes forgotten or hidden, that we don't always think of visiting, or returning to visit. And to go further, take the RER Europa line which will take you around Bourges. 

Métro Europa

Discover the Legendr courses

And if the activities that we present to you are already in your habits, we surely have something different to offer you. 

Legendr, the application of the Bourges Tourist Office is a digital guide of 4 routes, at your fingertips, that you can take anywhere and activate whenever you want. It will make you discover the city center of Bourges, the Saint-Etienne Cathedral of Bourges, a journey through time of Mehun-sur-Yèvre or even the secrets of the crown which is the novelty for 2023! These circuits, with 3D reconstructions, offer to relive 2000 years of Berruyère history through archive images, anecdotes, even emblematic characters. A 100% autonomous route retracing the foundations of the city, nothing can escape you. A fun way to visit your Capital of Berry in a different way. 


Need more ideas? We also offer you a outdoor escape game with the Mysteries of Bourges or even a beautiful walk in the city center in search of the fairy doors with Florizale! 


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