It was the novelty of the summer program of Bourges last year, and it returns this summer! The soft mobility network of the Bourges European Capital of Culture bid will be back in 2023 with its RER and Metro Europa!

Europa Metro

Métro Europa is a playful and ironic proposal of dynamic low-carbon routes to follow
on foot, by bike, by scooter in the median towns. This is a project that allows you to make a journey
self-guided along an imaginary “metro” line, connecting places identified by citizen decisions.
The metro lines highlight actors and places in the city, but also the municipalities of
the Bourges Plus conurbation. Places sometimes forgotten or hidden, but which we will relay thematically
to their European dimension. The proposed urban “metro” network includes a maximum of four lines.
It covers an average of 9 stations per line and a distance of 1 to 500 meters per line. Every
browse its color, its markings on the ground and its signs indicating the different stations: follow the “M”
colors on the floor!


New for 2023


For this new edition, Bourges 2028 proposed to citizens and students to become authors, thinkers, architects and manufacturers of 4 new lines in a spirit of openness to Europe. Accompanied by the cultural actors of the territory, in a context of pedagogy and European networking, the participants imagined the future lines and their stations, thought about their programming and named them in the Berruyère way! With this project, Bourges 2028 pushes participation further by offering them to become co-creators of the Europa 2023 Metro. They know better than anyone the forgotten places to restore, the secret routes that can be followed on foot or by bike in the city, which makes them essential experts.
This summer 2023, get ready to rediscover your city aboard the Campus, Gastronomy, Water and Music line!

More information on the website Metro Europa – Bourges 2028

The Map to find yourself there

And even more with the RER Métro Europa...

© Vincent de la Rue

Again, this might confuse those of you who know that the RER network is
limited to the area around Paris. Calling for an RER means asking the question of low-carbon mobility in its remote, rural and ultra-rural territories, at the antipodes of what it represents in Paris and at the heart of the question of European mobility. Bourges 2028, to imagine innovative European mobility solutions serving a vast rural area in a low-carbon way: the RER Europa.

What's New in 2023

©Faustine Damman

From the summer of 2023, Bourges 2028 will develop a new RER Europa line for residents and
tourists of the territory allowing them to discover, accompanied by a guide, the most beautiful rural treasures of the North of the Cher department which are all distinguished by their environmental and heritage interest, and are rediscovered through the prism of contemporary art in nature.




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