In Bourges, addresses for settling down around a glass of wine with friends are popping up like hot cakes. The important thing is not to choose but rather to test them all in moderation. You will form your own opinion!

New in 2023 - Completely Smoked

Caviste Complètement Fumé
Completely Smoked @ Ad2T

First wine merchant then wine bar, Completely Smoked succeeds Bonjour Marcel, place des 4 Piliers in Bourges and offers you a menu that we have been waiting for in town for a long time: the possibility of drinking a glass of local wine accompanied by Berry specialities. Notice to fans of potato pancakes, Berry pâté or even Crottin de Chavignol topped with a glass of Sancerre or Menetou-Salon… you will be delighted! 
The rest of the menu is also worked around the best short circuit products. Édouard, the owner of the place, suggests among other things that you taste homemade smoked dishes such as salmon, mackerel or even haddock. Accompanied by a great wine or a little nugget, the pleasure of meeting around a table with friends makes the whole room salivate!

  • Completely Smoked
  • Address: 11 Place des 4 Pillars - 18000 Bourges
  • Phone: 02 48 16 67 32

New for 2023 - The Petits Crus

Les Petits Crus @ Ad2T

In certainly the most emblematic street of the city, rue Bourbonnoux, The Petits Crus invites you to go on a trip and it starts at the entrance with a chic and refined decoration with a yellow front. With a well-established concept, you will go on a journey for a marriage between wines and cheeses. But not just any: raw milk cheeses and organic wines. A great way to make discovery accessible, fun and free. 

The lovely surprise : behind the main room hides a most secret space – a room for the perfect activity for your next event: an oenological escape game called “Wine Gaming”! Form your team of 4 to 8 players and try to solve puzzles within a given time. The good news: if you successfully solve the game, you'll free a bottle of wine! 

  • The Petits Crus
  • Address: 71 rue Bourbonnoux - 18000 Bourges
  • Phone: 07 49 17 29 18

The Rising Domains

Les Domaines qui Montent
Rising Domains @ Ad2T

A little further from the city center, it is in Saint-Doulchard that you will be, as soon as you walk through the door, immersed in this wine cellar on a human scale! Also table d'hôtes and delicatessen, this welcoming place will immediately make you want to come back. This is without counting on the warm welcome of Pierre-Marie, Rémi and David, who also organize many themed events – take note, epicureans, this place is yours! 



In rue Coursarlon, there is an address that lovers of organic, biodynamic or natural wines know well! You feel good in the middle of the many references displayed between beautiful oak tables. This address run by Patrice has become a meeting place where gourmets meet: sale of natural wines, biodynamics, raw milk cheeses and natural charcuterie – we understand why! 

  • vinapava
  • Address: 22 rue Coursarlon - 18000 Bourges
  • Phone: 02 48 69 40 67

The Cellar of Fine Arts

The Cellar of Fine Arts @ Ad2T

It is certainly the most striking place in the city center. Go through the entrance and find this very well preserved XNUMXth century cellar below. The natural atmosphere of this place makes you want to discover the many references that are hidden there or to settle around these large tables which have seen good evenings. Good bottle, large bottle, eau de vie, rum and spirits, you will inevitably find your happiness with the advice of the owner. 

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation. 


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For me, the "Cave des Beaux Arts", warm welcome, friendly, professional, when we leave, we only have one idea, to go back... 👍👍👍

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