The holiday meals are over and we hope you enjoyed yourselves. To help you digest here is a list of light recipes with local ingredients.
@Linda Louis

Berry lentil salad


What better way to digest than a salad with Berry lentils. In addition to being good for your health, they are prepared quickly. All you have to do is cook your lentils and once cooled, mix them with the rest of your favorite ingredients to obtain a recipe full of flavors.

Berry lentil velouté

If you need to warm up, this lentil velouté from Berry is perfect for a healthy and light meal. With its note of Berry truffles, it will remind you of holiday meals, but in a much lighter way. 

Courgette soup with goat cheese

We have the solution to make your soup even more delicious. Add fresh goat's cheese (preferably dung), and around here, there's no shortage of places to find it. In this recipe, our good “chiuvre” cheese is associated with zucchini for a soup full of indulgence. 

citrouillat berrichon
Pumpkin @ Linda Louis

Berry pumpkin

A recipe based on Berry sucrine which can be made both savory and sweet according to your desires. Citruillat will comfort you if you have the post-holiday blues.

Goat cheese and mint omelet

Revisit the traditional omelet recipe by adding a Berry touch with a crottin de Chavignol and a few mint leaves. The advantage with this recipe is that in three strokes of the fork the trick is played. 


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