Linard Cathedral recolours its aura around Neuvy-Deux-Clochers, between Bourges and Sancerre, thanks to the perseverance of Charlotte Collet and William Rouger, its new owners. Reopened in mid-July, you can (re)discover this singular art site, comparable to the Palais du Facteur Cheval or the Picassiette Museum. New flavors, fruit of the experience of Charlotte and William, will seduce its visitors.

A little history… 

2020, a weekend in Berry to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris and introduce her husband William to the lands of her childhood... Charlotte had no idea that she would find the Linard Cathedral closed, displaying a “for sale” sign. She has many memories of this place… She describes them as colourful, luminous and imaged with mirror reflections. She even remembers John Linard, the indescribable designer of this singular and unclassifiable place.

Originally from Achères, near Neuvy-Deux-Clochers, she often came there with her parents and family. So the painting of this place closed and for sale, she was very moved, disappointed and immediately said to herself that something had to be done. Embarked and seduced by what he saw, William also projected himself very quickly. For both of them, there was really a lot of possible things to do here.

Cathédrale de Linard
Linard Cathedral @ Ad2T
Cathédrale de Linard
Linard Cathedral @ Ad2T

Two years to finally open and unveil their projects!

On July 14, the Linard Cathedral was finally able to reveal itself again to visitors. And it will not have been easy for Charlotte and William, who have put all their energy into it since their first visit in 2020 and the purchase offer they made 15 days later. Two years of not giving up or abandoning their projects to revive this atypical and emblematic place in Berry.

This season, although a little shortened, allowed them to (re)discover the site cleared, cleaned, and in the process of repairing the works. They have enriched it with their first touch of taste: an outdoor tea room, allowing visitors to linger and enjoy the tranquility and spirituality of the place a little longer while savoring drinks and homemade delicacies. It is moreover this gourmet side that they intend to develop because Charlotte and William are not at their first attempt on this aspect!

Cathédrale de Linard @ Ad2T
Linard Cathedral @ Ad2T

A tasty journey!

Both come from the world of taste… That's pretty good, they want to give some to the site, which is anything but bland! The list of their experiences gives stars in the eyes and awakens the taste buds: Rostand, Pierre Hermé, Palace Prince of Wales, Yann Couvreur or even Michalak, where, moreover, they met. Charlotte started in the kitchen before specializing in pastry. William, on the other hand, trained in the bakery, pastry, chocolate and confectionery trades.

A profession of passion that will give meaning to what they wish to develop at the Linard Cathedral. Their wish is well stated: to provide pleasure to people, to convey an emotion and to share something, and it has already begun!

Cathédrale de Linard @ Ad2T
Linard Cathedral @ Ad2T

What's New in 2023

The owners have so many projects in mind for this remarkable site. For the 2023 season, a great program of shows to discover. Animations like a retro photographer, which will take you back in time with old-fashioned black and white portrait photos. Concert evenings, poetic, equestrian and musical wanderings and even improvisational theatre, plays… all in a unique setting. 
To extend the visit, the tea room also offers platters of charcuterie and cheese for gourmets, to be enjoyed on the terrace with a view.

Linard Cathedral
The Potteries, 18250 Neuvy-Deux-Clochers
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Did you know Linard Cathedral?

Jean Linard was one of these singular and unclassifiable artists. In the same spirit as Raymond Isidore's Picassiette House in Chartres, Postman Cheval's Ideal Palace or Gaudi's works such as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​Linard Cathedral is one of the great unusual sites of the 1980th and 2010st centuries. Started in the early 12s, this cathedral is made of mosaics, pottery, glass, mirrors, etc. recovered, modeled and assembled by Jean Linard. This work has continued to evolve over the course of his inspiration and the periods of his life. He described it as the cathedral of all religions and as the highest in the world, with the sky as its roof! Disappeared in XNUMX, the artist left the cathedral to his heirs who decided to put it up for sale. It was only XNUMX years later that a passionate and dynamic young couple realized the dream of acquiring and reviving this place.




Although berruyère it was my first real visit! I had just happened to be hiking! Nice visit .... Welcoming "young people"! They have merit and courage! I will be back with friends!


A must see ! Something unique ... magnificent place to relax, or even hike around. Talk around you To spend an afternoon ...

Alain Kadrinoff

Just yesterday, I inquired with a child of Jean Linard about the future of his creations. I was reassured on that. So much the better !!! I attended his funeral and I keep a memory moved by freezing cold in February 2010. I hope it does not become the Disneyland of the region or a money pump, but a place of artistic memory! But the pastry is good too and you will soon have my visit. Congratulations on this resurrection!!!

Nathalie Jaillard

Total amazement visiting this place yesterday. We could walk around it dozens of times and each time discover a new little detail. Everything is magnificent To discover or rediscover

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