Whether they are accommodation providers, restaurateurs, shopkeepers or tourism professionals, they all have an opinion on the capital of Berry and their view is often very specific to Bourges. They settled there out of genuine desire, sometimes after having left it. The city, they love it and all talk about it with passion to their customers.

Hotel de Panette

First name :Bruno
job : heritage revealer
Address : 1 rue Henri Ducrot – 18000 BOURGES
Bookpanette.fr - 02 48 50 60 01

MDespite a misleading name, theHotel de Panette houses charming guest rooms and furnished apartments in the heart of Bourges. As soon as you pass the porch, the "wow" effect is guaranteed with this breathtaking view of the St. Stephen's Cathedral. Imbued with history and decorations dedicated to the illustrious characters who lived in this XNUMXth century mansion century these accommodations exude the owner's passion for history and this place. Bruno will offer you a free guided tour to learn all the secrets!


Bourges in 3 words : heritage / exceptional / living.
He likes : authenticity, connection with people and discovery in general.
He does not like : the standards, in every sense of the word, do like the others, which is bland.
Why did you set up your business here? :
"But where else!!!?" », Bruno was born in Bourges and would not see himself elsewhere, « that cannot be explained »!
His favorite places : “Panette of course (laughs)! The cathedral, of course”, “I adapt my paths, my journeys, to stay in front of it as much as possible”, the old streets, the Hôtel Lallemant, the Palais Jacques Cœur. Around Bourges, the Abbaye de Noirlac, “a real favourite”.
For him, the emblem of Bourges is : the fleur-de-lys because Bourges was a royal city and "it should not be forgotten"!
Mandatory passages with loved ones : rue Bourbonnoux, the cathedral “necessarily! », the church of Saint-Pierre, the marshes… « Absolutely! (laughs). And the Mercier boutique, the Aromas of Old Bourges!

Library Café Simone(S)


First name : Magali (and not Simone(S))
job : discoverer of nuggets to share
Address: 31 rue Coursarlon – 18000 BOURGES
Ask about : 02 34 64 57 61

It is one of the unsuspected addresses from which we can no longer leave. A bookstore side, where Magali knows how to find the book that suits us, and a coffee-sofa side where we sit down. The Simone(s) bookstore-café is more than that, because Magali is simply a character to meet!


Bourges in 3 words : heritage / greenery / good living.
She likes : swimming, she doesn't go a week without swimming because she feels so good in the water...
She does not like : intolerance.
Why did you set up your business in Bourges? : out of a real desire to revitalize the city center and be close to other bookstores, Librairix and the Pages du Donjon.
His favorite places : the Cake Thé because you can savor “the best hot chocolates on earth. It's a stone's throw from here but we're elsewhere”, Artisane too, because “we share the same values”.
For her, the emblem of Bourges is : the Printemps de Bourges which allows him to experience things intensely and to dance!
The obligatory passages with his loved ones : the cathedral and the heart of town, the Estève Museum, rue Bourbonnoux, but also the surroundings, Apremont-sur-Allier and Sancerre.

Artisan - Fine sandwich shop

First name :Marion
job : culinary artisan
Address : 9 place of the 4 Pillars
Inquire: 09 74 97 41 56

Lhe first and last thing you see when you push open the door of 9 place des 4 Piliers is Marion's beaming smile. Barely entered, his joviality and friendliness radiate and this season, it feels good! Sandwiches and other savory and sweet treats will seduce you, especially for the way she sublimates the products of local producers. But beyond eating well, you feel good here… The atmosphere is soothing and the music is soft, the perfect combo to face this season.

Bourges in 3 words : history / family / dynamics.
She likes : the texture of milk froth in the morning cappuccino.
She does not like : offal (“Not the band!” Laughs!) in general, even well cooked.
Why did you set up your business in Bourges? : she and her partner are from here. After passing through Paris for studies and the 1eras professional experiences “like salmon, going back to basics”, settling here was obvious when she had her children.
Favorite places : the Trouée Verte which makes the link between the Lac d'Auron and the town centre. And "at my neighbours", Manga-T and Philomène!
For her, the emblem of Bourges is : Jacques Cœur, the cathedral, the marshes and the Printemps de Bourges.
The obligatory passages with his loved ones : the circuits of escape game activities, Mysteries of Bourges, "what creativity to discover the city"!


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