20 minutes west of Bourges, crossed by the Cher, the FerCher territory in the heart of the Berry countryside offers several 100% nature hiking trails. We have selected 4 paths for you along the Cher and the Arnon to enjoy the last rays of the sun before autumn.

Tower of Saint-Florent-sur-Cher

This first circuit of about ten kilometers starts from the Place de la République in front of the Castle of Saint-Florent before going to the Bois du Palais, with a bit of luck you can see roe deer or deer. After leaving, you will pass through the north of the city to go down to Champfrost then you will find the Cher again by crossing the Vallée aux Loups. After following the river you will discover the railway viaduct dating from the XNUMXth century which spans the Cher. Now downgraded, you can take a short detour to climb to the top and admire the view of the Cher valley.


Lunery: the Rimberts circuit

From Lunery campsite, the 11km loop runs along the Cher for half of the route. After crossing the bridge which spans it, you will take the direction of the Château des Rimberts which is a private domain. Then you will take the Lunery path between fields and woods until the finish.

Villeneuve-sur-Cher: the circuit of the Abyss

This 3km loop, a small family circuit, begins at Villeneuve campsite. After crossing the Cher, you will follow it for about 1km before going up to have a view of the valley then you will come back to Villeneuve. If you still have the energy, you can take a short detour to the south of the city via the Chaussée de César circuit to the Château de Villeneuve-sur-Cher.


Mareuil-sur-Arnon: the Val d'Arnon circuit

For this last hike, we depart from Cher to go to the Arnon Valley. This 8km loop starts at the campsite along the lake. You will pass by the Great Forge where you will be able to see the brick chimney, a vestige of the metallurgical activity which made up the economy of the village in the XNUMXth century. Then you will cross the Arnon valley before arriving at the Moulin de Bagnoux. Finally, last straight line towards Mareuil through its countryside.

Many other circuits are offered on the FerCher territory, to discover on their website. 


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