In Bourges & its surroundings, local craftsmanship and know-how are omnipresent and there are good reasons to think that the best addresses are with us! For this time and because we are surrounded by cereal land, meet these artisans who put cereal in the spotlight...

Les Pains de Simon in Bourges

Newly installed in the city center of Bourges, at the " Simon's Loaves“, you can taste traditional baguettes and pastries, but also special organic breads. The cereal is at the center of the recipes of this baker who uses ancient cereals for their nutritional and taste richness. 

Meet at 44 avenue Jean Jaurès in Bourges

Pains de Simon
@ Simon Loaves

Moulin de la Chappe in Bourges

Moulin de la Chappe
Moulin de la Chappe @

On the banks of the Auron, the mill still operates under the benevolent eye of its owner, to grind local cereals transformed into flour. With 1 tons of flour produced each year, you can find, at the "Moulin de la Chappe", a wide variety of flours ranging from country flour to chestnut flour. 

Stop at 4 impasse du Moulin de la Chappe in Bourges

It flows freely in Menetou-Salon

A new brewing adventure is emerging at Menetou-Salon… A pico-brewery that welcomes all the curious and enthusiasts (for a pleasure purchase or for a brewing course)! Fruit from Saint-Martin-d'Auxigny, malt from Issoudun, grape marc from Menetou-Salon, hops from their garden… we won't tell you more, the production is confidential!

Direction 102 Le Chézou in Menetou-Salon

It's flowing @ Menetou-Salon

The "Pâtes Fabre" house at the Saint-Ursin Chapel

@ Pasta Fabre

Since 1996, the house "Pâtes Fabre" has rigorously selected its raw materials, in the continuity of a family know-how. It now offers a wide range of pasta while maintaining its tradition of quality. 

Arrival point ZI Orchidée – Route de Villeneuve to La Chapelle Saint-Ursin


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