Nobody missed the information... Bourges is a candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028! As part of its actions, Bourges - Cher - Center-Val de Loire has developed a prototype concept for a new generation cultural venue... the Europa Metro // low-carbon RER. We explain to you!

The europa metro: artistic journey through the city

Europa Metro is an urban cultural route in the city of Bourges combining cultural places, heritage sites and artistic events. Bourges 2028, an application relating to the renewal of cities on a human scale, as a nod to demetropolisation, proposes the creation of a fictitious and artistic metro in Bourges from 26th June 2022

This summer, there will then be 3 experimental lines based on existing routes: 

  • The blue line of Nuits Lumière: Bourges 2028 completes the offer of this exceptional event with two artists from two European Capitals of Culture 2022. Discover the works of Dejan Stojkov and Maksimilianas Opriska on the building of the former Archdiocese. 
  • The pink line for Bourges Contemporain;
  • The green line for gardens.

Just follow the "M"s stencilled in the streets of the city. This is the perfect opportunity to swap the car for soft mobility… on foot, by scooter, by bike or even by bus!

Métro Europa
Metro Europa @ Benesté - City of Bourges

The RER: Low Carbon journey to Noirlac

It is not finished ! Métro Europa was designed as an exportable modeling project in the department, the region, and also in the other partner cities of the Bourges 2028 bid. 

The concept is then declined in low carbon RER to Noirlac in order to support a reflection on the way to connect Bourges and the territory. Of July 17 to September 18, 2022, Bourges 2028 then offers a route of monumental contemporary works, in nature, between Bourges and the Abbey of Noirlac connected by a shuttle provided by the RATP which circulates in biomethane that can accommodate up to 55 seats. 

The different RER stations: 

  • The Domaine de la Périsse in Dun-sur-Auron;
  • The Château de Meillant in Meillant;
  • The Domaine de Châteaufer in Châteaufer;
  • Noirlac Abbey in Bruère-Allichamps;
  • Berry Canal.

The biomethane shuttle will be effective on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from July 17 to August 31. Saturdays and Sundays from September 1 to 18.
The course remains open the other days of the week independently. 

Abbaye de Noirlac
Abbey of Noirlac @ Lezbroz

RER fare: 12,90 euros for the round trip / free for children under 10 years old. 

Documentation and circuits are available free of charge at the Bourges Tourist Office.