He runs one of the most emblematic companies in Bourges, present and known all over the world and yet, when we meet him, we are immediately struck by the simplicity and the family welcome that Olivier Monin offers us. His attachment to the city is quickly felt a few days after the opening of his new project, in the center of Bourges, the Villa Monin. A project that he is eager to show and that he wishes to make both visitors and Berruyers appreciate.

What does Olivier Monin think about it?

Olivier Monin

What state of mind does one have when one is at the head of this family business with an international aura?
I like to convey the idea of ​​doing something different. Since I took over the company in 1986, I immediately wanted that we stands out, to be a pioneer, clear, build a fashion and a brand. It is the strength of a company, to take up challenges, to be curious and a pioneer! I don't like to be like everyone else and like to offer products that are different from others.

What are the values ​​of the company which you want to send?  
Simplicity and family values. We are still working in this atmosphere that is unique to us, and this, everywhere through our factories and offices in the world. We don't feel like we're growing and it's our challenge to do it maintaining this closeness. À Bourges, we are 250, everyone knows each other, the atmosphere is very family. 

How the Villa project was born Monin ? And its concept ?
It has always been asked of us, back in my father's time: “When do you open a shop, are there no places to buy the syrups? ". We weren't necessarily looking to do it, but it was the opportunity of this site, right in the city center, that revived the idea. This is our strength compared to others: embarking on projects thanks to our curiosity and the opportunities that we know how to seize. 
We want this place to reflect our family spirit, hence the name Villa. As in a house, there are several rooms with different functions and a garden in the courtyard. We want people to want to stop there and leave with a bit of the Monin spirit, whether they are visitors or locals. 

Why is-he important to you that Monin stay in Bourges?
When the idea of ​​building our new premises came up, we considered everything. But in the end, we didn't ask ourselves the question for very long! I am from Bourges… OWe are proud to be Berruyers and we don't want to leave! 

Palais Jacques Cœur
Cathédrale de Bourges

Your in law favorite in Bourges?  
I love the Jacques Coeur Palace and the marais for walks, you meet lots of people there… And the walk along the ramparts. I am also very proud of the Maisons de la Culture, of the 2! And what programming ! 

Your favorite syrup flavor?  
It's hard, there are plenty… At the moment, I really like the white peach one and the future range of sugar-free, 100% natural syrups that we are currently testing.  

A cocktail or a Monin creation that you particularly like?  
The Paragon range that we launched just before the health crisis. It is neither a syrup nor an alcohol. It can be drunk with a Perrier or an alcoholic drink such as Vodka, Gin, Tequila or Whiskey. Top bartenders are starting to pitch it to the world.  

Your next challenge?  
I can't wait to show Villa Monin! I hope that the place will be appreciated by both visitors and locals.  

Villa Monin
Villa Monin @Ad2T

Behind the scenes at Villa Monin




Hello the entrance to the villa Monin and the visits, are they paying? THANKS


    Hello, it's free entry. The Villa Monin is made up of a bar, coffee shop, 1912, a shop and the Mercier chocolate factory. Find out more villamonin.fr


Pleasant place, to make gifts after tasting or take a cappuccino break I love


The staff is very friendly and attentive to customers. The cocktails are sumptuously presented and delicious. The only downside is that in summer the schedules are very (too) restrictive and do not allow you to relax peacefully. You should always look at your watch while relaxing. Damage ! Exceptional place of refinement in Bourges.

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