The sun is here again and makes us want to give up beanies for hats and find the terraces of our favorite restaurants. The Bistrot de l'Abbaye in Plaimpied-Givaudins, warmly welcomes you with family and friends to meet around an aperitif or a 100% homemade meal with Berry notes.

A return to basics

The Bistrot de l'Abbaye was not always a restaurant. Formerly an inn, it has seen many generations pass by, as evidenced by the many photos that adorn the walls of the restaurant. The last activity, a bar-tabac closed its doors few years ago, leaving a void in the village. An application to the town hall, a project bringing new life at the village and the couple Thebault se launched into the creation of their restaurant. 


The Thebault story

Sébastien's story begins in Berry, in Plaimpied-Givaudins where his family has lived for over 200 years. At another time, Sébastien's great-uncle also ran the Bistrot de l'Abbaye, in the form of an inn. In other words, this restaurant has become a family affair!  

But before taking over the Bistrot de l'Abbaye, Sébastien, a cook by training, traveled to many countries, each time bringing back atypical tastes and flavors that mark his dishes today. During a trip to Vietnam, he meets Christine who will become his wife. 3 years ago, they seized the offer to take over the establishment to make it their restaurant that Sébastien had always wanted. With a solid project and despite the obstacles that stood before them (hello Mr. COVID), they were able to reinvent themselves and reinvent catering. They celebrated their first birthday a few months ago and the restaurant is always full. 

At the crossroads of many horizons

The restaurant offers 100% homemade cuisine with products from local producers (poultry, fruit, vegetables, eggs, etc.). The goal ? To offer simple dishes while bringing a touch of originality, drawn from Sébastien's many travels. Dishes cooked around the rotisserie, including their iconic “rolls”, are the restaurant’s trademark. A wine bar part completes the spirit of the bistro, with local wines. 

Sébastien and Christine will welcome you warmly, whether you are a group of friends, people passing through, a family… They will be delighted to chat with you and share their love for cooking and travel. They are committed to working with quality products and passing on their know-how to as many people as possible.  

Sebastian's recipe

1 rue de la Garenne
18340 Plaimpied-Givaudins
+02 48 26 55 32 XNUMX