We know Bourges dynamic, shimmering during its Printemps de Bourges and in high season… But Bourges has so much to offer you in the off-season! You will be able to appreciate its calm and its natural riches. You will necessarily pass by our unmissable buildings and experience timeless experiences for a well-deserved moment of relaxation.

(Re)discover the essentials at your own pace

Our cathedral is undeniably a must-see during your stay in Bourges. From the Jardin de l'Archevêché, you can contemplate its presence and observe the Pelican which overlooks its bell tower. Leaving the park, meet in front of the 5 gates of Saint-Etienne Cathedral. It will surprise you with its width, making it the most impressive cathedral in France. Take one of its portals to enter and discover its interior. The winter light that passes through its stained glass windows gives it a multitude of hues depending on the time of day. Each visit is unique… A good reason to visit it more than once!

Intérieur Cathédrale de Bourges

Take rue Porte Jaune for a breathtaking view of the cathedral's Tour de Beurre and go down to Place Gordaine to discover a fine collection of half-timbered houses, a sign of the town's medieval past.

Take advantage of the fullness of the marshes

Winter is sometimes gloomy… However, an important life is teeming, especially in the marshes! So, we put on our boots and let's go! The morning mist gives the swamps a mysterious vibe. At the bend of a tree, we take the time to observe the many birds that inhabit this protected area. The few rays of sun that pierce the trees warm the atmosphere: you can then observe Bourges Cathedral in the distance, which overlooks the city. You will surely meet the regulars of the place, who, even in freezing weather, maintain their plot of land as guardians of the marshes.

Marais de Bourges

Taste our gastronomic specialties that warm the body and the heart

France is well known for being the land of gastronomy… And this is confirmed in Bourges! You will be warmly welcomed by our restaurateurs who will be happy to share their favorite dishes with you. There will be something for everyone: from the classic potato pancake to the friendly Berry pâté, including local products, such as Berry green lentils. Go here to find out our addresses where to eat Berrichon in Bourges.

Take a walk in the Berruyère countryside

As soon as you leave the city, you will appreciate the different landscapes offered by the Berruyère countryside. In particular, you can walk in the forest of Allogny, a few kilometers from Bourges. You will take its large forest paths, crossing the large oaks, beeches and other century-old trees. You will love the calm offered by this forest and will listen to nature waking up as the temperatures rise. You may well come across hidden buildings like the priory of Bléron which still holds many secrets. Find many more ideas for a walk around Bourges!

Balade en forêt berrichonne

Take a moment to relax and be warm

The cold runs through us from head to toe... Perhaps it's time to take a break? That's good ! The city center of Bourges is full of small addresses where you can enjoy a hot chocolate. Coming to Bourges in the off season also means enjoying the calm of its streets, its unusual addresses and taking a moment for yourself. We also offer you a experience to live under the sign of relaxation and well-being.


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