The Capital of Berry has wanted to take on a new challenge for a long time. It is with this momentum that the City of Bourges launched into the race in 2020 to become European Capital of Culture 2028. On Wednesday, December 13, the jury's decision was made known: Bourges won! The richness of its historical and cultural heritage and its events of international importance make it a city full of assets. Here are 5 reasons which prove the diversity of Berruyère’s cultural wealth.

Its historical heritage

When you walk through the small streets of the city center, you understand that the city has had a glorious past. This sector, protected since 1965, has a remarkable built heritage. Between the remains of a Gallo-Roman rampart, Jacques Coeur Palace, mansions, and half-timbered houses, the historic center illustrates the diversity of the cultural offerings of Bourges. Without forgetting its jewel, the St. Stephen's Cathedral, dating from the XNUMXth century and listed in the Unesco World Heritage since 1992. 

Its festivals


We no longer present the famous Spring of Bourges. A real rendezvous since 1977, each year it brings together the big names of French song and the international scene.
Others are also doing well, such as BulleBerry Comics Festival, which brings together enthusiasts of the genre. The latest, the Humor & Wine festival which mixes comedy show and wine fair. Classical music also has its own festival with theAutumn Baroque … This non-exhaustive list shows the various facets of culture with a capital C.

Its new House of Culture

The first Maison de la Culture de Bourges was inaugurated in 1963 by André Malraux, Minister of Cultural Affairs at the time. In 1994, the building was listed historical monument, its red brick facade has become the symbol of culture in the Berruyer landscape. In 2021, a new House of Culture in a more modern style is born. Composed of two cinemas, a rehearsal room and two performance halls, this national scene offers an eclectic program for all audiences to discover urgently. 

Its natural heritage

Culture is also the natural heritage of a territory. Bourges is fortunate to have several urban gardens, including one labeled Remarkable Garden : that of Pres Fichaux. A stone's throw from the historic center, the Marsh of Bourges, classified and protected, are undoubtedly the green lungs of the city. With its 135 hectares of greenery and its market gardening plots, it is a true sanctuary for local wildlife. 

His artistic sense

Proof that Culture is at the heart of the territory's concerns, several museums in the Berruyère city: that of the Resistance and Deportation, that of Train and Military Crews and to finish the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle specialized in bats. The old museums are being modernized and the project to create a large-scale museum center is launched for 2030, to create a place to live and share around the different collections that the city has.
Added to this are around fifteen art galleries and even one National Higher School of Art, just that. Contemporary art is not left out, with the associationAntre-Peaux which offers exhibitions, events and shows throughout the year. Without forgetting the movement Bourges Contemporary, a contemporary art trail in Bourges and Berry. 


Project Europa Metro, with its soft mobility network, highlights Culture on every street corner. An initiative led by Bourges 2028, to support the Bourges European Capital of Culture candidacy. A route in the historic center, but not only, just follow the markings on the ground of different colors to discover places or actors in the city. Imaginary metro lines, with well-defined stations.