From December 8 to 11, 2021


At the dawn of winter, what better than a good dose of good humor to warm up? With the desire to link the smiles of humor and the bonhomie of wine, Hélène Emeret realized a dream by creating the very first festival of its kind in the capital of Berry, a city of which she is an unconditional lover... So , what does Hélène Emeret think about it?

What does Hélène Emeret think of it?

We Bourges: Why organize a comedy festival in Bourges?
Helen Emeret : The idea came quite naturally, with, as a good living, the desire to combine the laughter of humor and the good-natured smiles of wine. Our wine-growing department lent itself so well to this! I am also a great lover of the city, of the land of my childhood. I was born here and I've always had a place to live in Bourges. I can't see myself doing without the landscapes of Berry or the attractions of the city. Creating a joyful and unifying event there was part of me. I had wanted to program humor for a long time and I had wonderful memories of my adolescence in the Jacques Coeur theatre. I've always dreamed of organizing something in this theater and of seeing artists there who are little or not programmed at home, and even less so in this place.

OB : How did the adventure start? What's the click?
HE : I was training as a business creator, basically to create a writing agency (in connection with my other activity in publishing) but with the recurring idea of ​​doing humorous events. It was after an encouraging exchange on this subject with the trainer that I finally allowed myself to make this festival a reality! I took my phone, set up a program, set up the organization. I must say that the immediate support of my relatives, the city, the department and a few loyal partners have been very precious to me.

Hélène Emeret
Hélène Emeret - Credit AD2T

OB : Where does this attraction for humor come from?
HE : I have always been sensitive to this fabulous power of making people laugh. Jean-Pierre Marielle, for example, of whom I am totally unconditional, has forever imprinted some memorable scenes and lines on me. I've always loved listening to comedians.
When I was a child, I claimed Coluche's LPs. There is a real message that is transmitted in humor, it is also sometimes a reflection of society as I want to appropriate it, combined with a form of distance and lightness. I especially made mine the sentence of Wolinski who says that “humor is the shortest way from one man to another”. I like this aspect of direct complicity which brings people together instantly. And if you replace "humor" with the word "wine", it works too! The circle is complete…

OB: Humor & Wine in the future, you see it how?
HE : I really want to establish Humor & Vin as ONE of the unmissable humor events. Our ambition is to develop support for young artists, to organize workshops and residences. Why also not invest in new places in the city and not offer the public access to other means of expression of humor (short films, dedications, exhibitions, etc.)?

Humor and Wine Festival - Credit AD2T

OB: The best compliment you got for this festival?
HE : I had dreamed for a long time of hosting Bénureau. I didn't think it would be possible so soon! From the 2nd edition, he closed the festival... and the most beautiful compliments came from him... when he left the stage after an absolutely fabulous performance, he exclaimed: "What am I loved playing here! How can I make to come back…! » 🙂

OB: An anecdote?
HE : The theater alarm that went off in the middle of a performance by Pierre-Emmanuel Barré during the 1st editing ! 25 hellish minutes with an alarm impossible to turn off! Pierre-Emmanuel Barré was brilliant! He stayed on stage for a long time improvising with the audience. He left the stage after 20 minutes. We thought he wouldn't come back… I was very scared… As soon as the alarm finally stopped ringing, he came back and started his show again! And he obviously laughed about it himself afterwards.

OB: Your favorite place in Bourges?
HE : Difficult to determine only one. By mixing several from the same district, it would be located between rue Bourbonnoux, the ramparts which adjoin it and the marshes.

Bonus question: Can you tell us a good joke? 😉 
HE : Here is a quote from Jean Yanne whose tone and humor I like: “What I would like someone to explain to me is what interest Noah had in taking a couple of mosquitoes on board…”

Marais de Bourges
The Marshes of Bourges - Credit AD2T

On the program for this year 2021

Thursday, December 9:  Salle du Duc Jean – Antoine Lucciardi at 20 p.m.

Friday December 10, XNUMX : Jacques Coeur Theater – Guillermo Guiz at 20:30 p.m.

Saturday December 11 : Jacques Coeur Theater – Pierre-Emmanuel Barré at 20 p.m.

Like every year, the Springboard Humor will introduce you to new talents on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday December 11 : Jacques Cœur Theater – Springboard for young talents at 14 p.m.

Sunday December 12 : Jacques Coeur Theater – Thomas VBD at 19 p.m.

To combine laughter and good things: go to the banquet hall of the Palais Jacques Coeur to discover the best regional wines (but not only!) at the Salon des Vins.


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