Bourges and its surrounding countryside have a strong tradition of flea markets, markets and house sales... This trend is not about to stop because today retro and second-hand objects have become the new norm. We asked a passionate berruyère, a treasure hunter / hunter, to reveal her best addresses.

Julie, blogger but not only...

@ a pram with heels

Bourges Berry Tourisme: Who are you in real life?

Julie: So in real life I'm Julie, Berruyère for 34 years. If at the beginning I stayed there by the constraint of studies (while I saw all my friends go to countries that seemed much more exotic to me…) I finally chose to settle my adult life there. Today my two children run in the streets where I previously ran before them and frankly it is a great pleasure. My whole family is here and I am very attached to my Berry roots. I claim them loud, loud, and with an accent, which makes my patients laugh a lot. Nursing is my real job, which I happily exercise, even if I dream of developing a second activity one day.

BBT: Who are you on the networks?

Julie: So yes, without being schizophrenic, I happen to have had a parallel identity for a few years 😉.
In fact I created my blog “ A pram with heels when my son was born. The initial idea was just to share my setbacks as a beginner mother who was trying somehow to get out of it… And then over time my words and my desires evolved. Now I'm more active on social networks, even if I still publish articles on the blog in the form of a logbook. If you want you can find me on Facebook and Instagram of course, but I'm also on Twitter or Pinterest (self-promo minute). I try to publish in a light way, with a touch of humor I hope!


BBT: What are you passionate about?

Julie: So many things ! I like to reinvent myself, I could find myself 10 new passions a day. So I try to channel myself, but I still use most of my free time in spite of myself for one of my oldest loves: the pleasure of antiquing! When I was little, I remember saving all my pennies so that I could then spend them at the flea market at Mimile (which still takes place every year at Place des Marronniers in Bourges). I've always loved the atmosphere of flea markets, this hubbub of unexpected objects, the endless negotiations, the bubbling asphalt. There is the search for the object that we may never find, and sometimes the discovery that will make our eyes shine when we had no idea of ​​its existence 5 minutes before... That's all that my passion.
And then I also infinitely love decoration, from every angle. But we're not going to lie to each other, rebuilding your barracks every two weeks involves a budget that I don't have. Fortunately the second hand offers an inexhaustible source of great opportunities! My luck is to love old things, those that have had a life before, those that still smell a little of the dust of their former owner. The more they bear the marks of time, the more I love them. I dream of one day being able to set up a small flea market to restore all these forgotten marvels to their former glory.

chiner à bourges
@ a pram with heels
@ a pram with heels

BBT: Your favorite places to find treasures?

Julie: There's really no secret to making the best finds. On the other hand, what is certain is that the more you hunt, the better you hunt… The eye gets used to the little details that make beautiful things. We refine our “style” too, thank god all bargain hunters are not looking for the same old things, you could well miss your neighbor's grail without batting an eyelid and that's also what is exhilarating. And then, we learn to snoop, it's a whole art to know how to hunt effectively. So ok, to give you a boost in the field of retro crockery or vintage buffet, I'm going to reveal my best addresses to find your holy grail in the surroundings...

@ a pram with heels
@ a pram with heels

Antiquing in Bourges

Barter Bourges
Here we find everything. Old, but also new at reasonable prices. It's clean and tidy, the vendors are pleasant, I think it's the ideal place for neophyte bargain hunters looking for second-hand without getting their noses in the dust too much.
> Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. 14 p.m. - 19 p.m., 4 Rue des Vignerons, 18390 Saint-Germain-du-Puy

People Relief
By going there regularly you can find really nice things while participating in a solidarity action. You will find clothes, books, trinkets, sorted and tidied up by the volunteers, and all this at super affordable prices of course.
> Wednesday/Friday/Saturday from 14 p.m. to 17 p.m., 1 Rue de la Gare des Marchandises, 18000 Bourges

Wheat hall
Around this magnificent hall, second-hand goods dealers mingle with local producers. Walking there on Saturday morning is always a pleasure, whether for the market or the flea market, the place is lively and the atmosphere pleasant. Personally, I love bringing a chair over my shoulder and fruit and vegetables in my basket.
> Every Saturday morning until 13 p.m., 8 Rue Paul Commenge, 18000 Bourges

In the surrounding area

@ a pram with heels

The Barn at Menetou-Salon
I love this place ! There are truly incredible objects to unearth. Often I go there with an idea in mind and I come back with something that has nothing to do with it. What beautiful surprises and a great selection at the right price.
> Wednesday to Saturday from 15 p.m. to 18 p.m., 1 Rue de la Croix Saint-Etienne, 18510 Menetou-Salon

And of course the tour of Emmaus remains obligatory! I could talk to you for hours about this solidarity project set up by Abbé Pierre in the 80s. For my part, that's really where I prefer to hunt around. I find the same pleasure there as in flea markets, but on a regular basis! You can find almost everything there, but also anything. Fortunately, research is easy thanks to the various yards and warehouses that allow you to get to the essentials. The companions are pleasant and always ready to lend a hand, and the prices remain affordable. It is impossible to emerge empty-handed from these modern-day Ali Baba caves.
Bourges -> Tuesday/Thursday 14 p.m.-18 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 14 p.m.-18 p.m., Rue du Verniller, 18570 La Chapel-Saint-Ursin 

IN BONUS! A little further in Berry…

Bric-brac-brac in Vierzon
A nice depot with lots of choices. It's clean, well organized, and the stock rotates regularly to make us want to come back. Add to that that the prices are quite correct, you get a great address!
> Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m., 30 Av. du Jonc, 47 Vierzon

Jug on deposit in Saint-Amand-Montrond
I'm sending you again to a sales depot, because in this store it's the customers who set the prices for what they put up for sale. It is therefore obviously very random, but there is still the possibility of unearthing sacred treasures there.
> Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m.-12 p.m. 14 p.m.-18 p.m., 300 Rte de Bourges, 18200 Saint-Amand-Montrond 

BBT: Your favorite places to meet up with friends or family?

Julie: I love going to Craftswoman, it opened a short time ago and it's a treat. Its small formula
dej is my new fad after dropping the kids off at school. And I advise you to
fall on a day when the chocolate babkas come out of the oven!
Right next to it there is Hello Marcel, a delicatessen and a choice cellar, which also sells lovely things to eat. Only fresh products and good things on the plate. At lunchtime, David the boss prepares salads to die for, soups or sandwiches. In the evening, on the other hand, we go there more for an aperitif, to taste its charcuterie boards and its always well-selected cheeses.
I also often hang out in the coffee shop/flea market of my friend Élise who keeps the 3 spoons, in rue Bourbonnoux. The selection is crazy, for those who don't like getting up early on Sundays, it's all cooked! There are real nuggets to lay your eyes on while drinking a hot latte in winter and a fresh lemonade in summer.
And then the Full moon, it's a bit like our canteen with the girlfriends. We meet there at aperitif time and we stay for hours around the table. The atmosphere is that of a real bistro, everyone talks too loudly, the boss makes jokes, the kitchen smells good, you feel at home. Here, in fact I realize that I have prepared a typical schedule for you to hang out all day at the table… 


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