The sun is low, the winter atmosphere, the desire for a warm break is felt... It's time to take a moment to rest, have fun and warm up... Chez Philomène, in the neighborhood of the 4 Pillars, Lorraine (and not Philomène) combines all this and much more… Disconnect and take a break, here you can do both!

Tea room and shop, for Lorraine Reau, one cannot go without the other… This idea of ​​a house where a tea room, a fashion et decoration shop are reunited, was already germinating in his teenage headte. But as everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait, it's only a little more than four years since Lorraine finally launchede. 

An idea that caught on!

À Barely 20 years old, Lorraine doesn't just have this idea in mind: photographer, journalist, … many creative desires jostle! But she doesn't dare and is oriented in a way administrative, considered more serious and perceived "as a real career" in his eyes. She then chained trades of which she did notdidn't know same the existence, in management, project management or even the quality. A few years ago shenotice that in the end, she never did what she wanted. And what she wanted exactly, it's a tea room but also a shop, a place where the primary objective is to please, to offer a break, attention and create du link. 

For people to have a good time...

… she doesn't spare herself. From morning to night, Lorraine doesn't have a minute to herself despite Corinne's invaluable help with the service! And for good reason, everything you eat there is of the day! Every morning, Lorraine does her shopping for the day. Her menu, she creates it by filling her basket. Enough to be busy before the end of the morning, the opening of the shop and the lunchtime shot! The shop and afternoon tea with delicacies then take over until the evening. 

In short, Lorraine's day is from 8 a.m. to 19 p.m., just to offer you some fun and a moment of disconnection! So don't be surprised if she has her sneakers on... 

lorraine, your recipe!

Cooked throughout the year, it is particularly good when the days get shorter and the weather is less clement. This recipe is not from Lorraine, she discovered it while listening to a radio show during confinement, always on the lookout for new sweets despite her already full notebook. This Suzie Palatin cake has been described as “the best chocolate cake in the world” by Pierre Hermé! Lorraine shares this simple recipe with us, to which she adds her personal touch. 

Ingredients :   

  • 250 g dark chocolate
  • 250 g sugar (for Lorraine, half white sugar, half brown sugar)
  • 70 g flour
  • 250g butter (for Lorraine, half unsalted butter, half salted butter)
  • 4 eggs

Recipe :  

  • Preheat the oven to 200° (it must be warm enough when baking) 
  • Melt the butter and chocolate together (in the microwave for Lorraine) 
  • Add sugar and mix 
  • Add the flour and mix 
  • Beat the eggs and add them to the mixture 
  • Pour into a buttered and floured mold 
  • Bake 
  • Lower the oven temperature to 150° (very important: this is what will allow you to have the crunch on the outside and the fondant on the inside of the cake) 
  • Cook for about 26 minutes 

Why Philomene? 

Along with his Ancient professional activity, Lorraine has created an association to promote manual work. It offered creative leisure workshops (with a tea / cake break, we don't do it again!) and had part of her parents' house where a certain… Philomène lived before that! It called this workshop and its association “La Maison de Philomène”. The current tea room and shops are the logical continuation of its history and naturally took this name. 

Pratical information

3 Place des 4 Pillars – 18000 BOURGES 
+06 81 69 39 23 XNUMX 
On instagram: @philomene_en_ville 
From Tuesday to Saturday 12AM - 19PM