We agree, Bourges is a beautiful city. Its monuments, its cobbled streets, its nature and its gentle way of life make the destination very photogenic. Need the perfect photos to fuel your Instagram? We have unearthed for you the best photo spots of Bourges and its surroundings.

1. St. Stephen's Cathedral

The flagship emblematic monument of our city of Bourges. With its five portals, the beauty is not easily photographed. Unless you have a wide angle, its proportions are difficult to fit into the field. 
N° 1 : Perpendicular to the rue Moyenne, the small rue du Guichet offers you an “Instagramable” view of the main portal of the Cathedral.
📍47.083362, 2.397827
N° 2 : Rue Porte Jaune gives a beautiful perspective, with perfect vanishing lines!
📍47.082103, 2.397211

2. The Marshes of Bourges

You all know the Marais de Bourges, but yes, this little corner of paradise close to the historic center. To have beautiful colors, we advise you to go there at sunrise or sunset.
N° 1 : Along the dyke of the Yèvre to see the flat boats
📍47.093047, 2.406740
N° 2 : On the Chemin des Prébendes side, after the bridge, turn around and contemplate the Cathedral
📍47.087739, 2.406069

3. Jacques Coeur Palace

If the story of Jacques Cœur is unknown to you, a little reminder is in order! Grand treasurer of King Charles VII, the merchant was so rich that he built himself a palace!
For a successful photo, take a step back in a small dead end and click!
📍47.084404, 2.394253

3. In the Allogny forest

The Allogny forest is the perfect place to take beautiful shots, full of greenery. The light struggles to make its way through the foliage of the hundred-year-old oaks. Follow the forest paths, they will inspire you!
📍47.218119, 2.330568

4. The George Sand staircase

The famous rue Bourbonnoux stands out because it concentrates the largest number of half-timbered houses in Bourges. A vestige of the medieval city a very narrow staircase is the ideal place to make a beautiful photo.  
📍47.08403573290835, 2.3991373132566545

5. The towers of Château Charles VII

Testimony of the glorious past of the town of Mehun-sur-Yèvre, the towers of the old Charles VII castle stand in the garden of Duke Jean. A photo on the bridge like in Titanic does that tell you?
📍47.143094, 2.216215