I am Bourges! Some know me as the capital of Berry. It's been a long time since I put my suitcases there. At the time, there was only earth. Over time, I have grown and evolved so that anyone can walk my streets on the cobblestones. And today, I'm facing my biggest evolution: an application. You realize ? I was installed, comfortably I admit it, in the digital world. In addition, I was divided into three very distinct parts.

Come on follow me, I'll show you! Just take out your phone. You and I know it's been charging all night and your battery can't wait to stretch its legs.

4 circuits 100% autonomous

In the very first circuit, you will meet my very old friend Jacques Cœur. He visited me at the end of the Middle Ages and he became one of my emblematic figures. But be careful, he is very talkative and you can quickly find yourself spending hours observing the magnificent architecture of the Palais Jacques Cœur. He is very proud of it, and rightly so.

But the journey does not end there! After this little historical interlude, let's go back in time again to plunge right into the heart of my History with a big and brilliant H. Because yes, I was built a long time ago, stone by stone. I know I don't look my age! Stop flattering me, I'm going to blush. You will be able to discover the walls built to protect me! My Gothic Saint-Etienne Cathedral! The reconstruction of my medieval part after a devastating fire! My mansions! And more recently, my military part! This visit will immerse you in my very special history. Admittedly, it is punctuated by dramatic events, but that is what contributes to my past and what makes me today overflow with stories that I can't wait to tell you.   


SAINT-ÉTIENNE CATHEDRAL TOUR OF BOURGES: I'm taking you now to my favorite place. The one that makes my name shine beyond the department. My beautiful cathedral. And I owe it to my dear Henry de Sully. It brings with it the Gothic style, recognizable with its high luminous towers which adorn my cathedral. What I love is that this building is a pure burst of history. She, who in her silence, is full of secrets. She takes those of Sully when he dies shortly after the start of the work. It was not abandoned, however, when Archbishop Guillaume du Donjon decided to continue his work. But it will not be finished by his hands either. After his death, the money runs out and it is no longer in the news to continue the construction of my cathedral. The situation changed rapidly during the canonization of the archbishop, who by his death attracted the offerings of pilgrims and at the same time allowed the completion of the site.

But my cathedral has a strong character and it has given us a lot of trouble over the centuries, particularly on December 31, 1506, on the eve of a new year when the tower collapsed. It is therefore time for me to entrust you with the third architect who contributed to its reconstruction: Guillaume Pelvoysin. Combining older stones and a more modern appearance, my cathedral then shows a new face by displaying itself with the new Butter Tower.

From now on, I have good hope that by admiring the facade you can read history on each block of stone. By sitting on one of the 396 steps, stepping back in time for a second and immersing yourself in a past as exciting as its future.


TIME TRAVEL TOUR IN MEHUN-SUR-YÈVRE: Let's continue to go back in time, you and me! But this time, we are going a little further, to Mehun-sur-Yèvre. This place is loaded with memories and constructions. As rich in history as my cathedral can be, it is no more famous for all that. It is a family affair where new inhabitants follow one another, each of them developing the city in their own way. It also becomes a royal commitment when the last lord, accused of treason, has his residence confiscated. The castle then entered the royal domain, which is saying something. This event will introduce the arrival of the famous brother of the king, Charles VII who will change the main function of this home, thus becoming a pleasure residence. And this is not to brag, but know that I met Joan of Arc at that time since she was ennobled right here. A very charming, if slightly paranoid, woman.

Over the years, time has done its work and despite the temporary visit of King Louis XI, the stone walls have fallen in the meanders of the city. But such a powerful historical site cannot be forgotten for very long. It becomes a strategic place for the transport of raw material useful for the design of porcelain. It now imposes itself on the contemplation of its visitors.

There is now only one mission that I want to entrust to you. Enter these places, become an actor of their wealth, travel through history and bring the heritage to life. Because if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that I was there at the very beginning and I'll be there again tomorrow.  

New 2023

In 2023, all the towns and villages of the community of communes of the Agglomeration of Bourges will be honored with a 4ᵉ circuit that takes the form of a historical enigma: secrets of the crown. Oscillating between 1450 and today, you are invited to lead the investigation to solve the disappearance of a journalist, Anaïs Sorel, descendant of Agnès Sorel while trying to unravel the mystery of the theft of the crown of the king's favorite Charles VII. Going from riddles to encounters with potential suspects, you will have to know how to show insight to discover the culprit at the end of the 17 stages of the game. 

With friends or family, passing through Berry or for curious locals to have fun while discovering the more or less known heritage of our territory. The application will allow you to explore the 17 communes of Bourges and discover their unsuspected assets.


The Bourges Berry Tourisme Tourist Office is innovating with the deployment of an application to visit Bourges and Mehun-sur-Yèvre independently and connected. The circuits presented in the application are built through audible presentations, videos, reconstructions of historical images, texts and playful games. 

The Legendr application, on its own, is free and downloadable from the Android and Apple IOS store. On sale in the various Tourist Offices, price €3 per circuit and €6 for 4, for the whole family.