need to get some fresh air? Are you starting to get itchy feet? Don't worry, we have a few ideas to stretch your legs in the city or in the middle of nature... If these aren't enough for you, go to the Bourges Tourist Office!

Heritage trail

You like to stroll with your head in the air observing the built heritage, no problem. You will find what you are looking for in Bourges & its surroundings… And believe us, there is plenty to do!

Bourges, between monuments and gardens

The historic center of Bourges is an open-air gold mine. Many nuggets await you on your journey, let's start with the famous Saint-Etienne Cathedral, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let's continue our walk along rue Bourbonnoux, with its cobblestones and colorful half-timbered houses. Going down on your left, a small passage leads you along the old ramparts of the city, continue and you will arrive at a beautiful cobbled staircase, called George Sand, then go back down rue Bourbonnoux. At the bottom of this street, you will fall under the charm of the Renaissance facade of the Hôtel Lallemant then admire the Place Gordaine.
Let's meet Jacques Cœur, passing by the shopping street, rue Mirebeau, take the "breakneck" passage which corresponds to the Mirebeau staircase and which will save you time. On your right, you will come face to face with the Hôtel des Echevins then Place Cujas and finally here it is, the Palais Jacques Cœur. Take the opportunity to stop for a moment and contemplate the multitude of architectural details on the facade. At a run, we continue our journey through the Jacques-Coeur Theater and the so-called “native” house of Argentier. Head for the Archdiocese garden, easy to find, it is at the foot of the Cathedral. The small cobbled streets that surround the building are just as remarkable. If you need a bit of greenery in this city of beautiful stones, go to the Prés-Fichaux garden with its Art Deco style which makes it unique.
Want to continue? Set out to conquer the Marais de Bourges, it's very close to the city center! To make your journey easier, pick up a map at the Tourist Office! 

Mehun-sur-Yèvre, remains of the Château Charles VII and garden of Duke Jean de Berry

Located 25 minutes from Bourges, start with a bucolic stroll in the garden of Duke Jean de Berry. Then, you will see the vestiges of a glorious past: the imposing ruins of the castle of Charles VII. Located in the heart of the city and along the Canal de Berry, this garden extends over more than 3 hectares. Its natural aspect lends itself perfectly to walking and is made up of several small islets surrounded by the arms of the Yèvre and the Annain. Extend your journey by visiting the town centre, pass by the Clock Tower and return to the Pôle de la Porcelaine to finally let yourself be guided along the Berry Canal.

The Tower of Mehun-sur-Yèvre and the porcelain pole can be visited! It is even possible to climb to the very top of the tower for a magnificent view. 

Information at the Mehun-sur-Yèvre Tourist Office:

At the water's edge

Marsh of Bourges 

When we talk about the Marais de Bourges, we often call them the "green lungs" of the city. Quite rightly, with its 135 hectares of plots of vegetable gardens, intertwined with canals, it is the perfect place for hiking. The tour of the marshes from the outside is 8 kilometers all the same, but the heart remains a must.
Let's start on rue Max Dormoy, towards the Quai des Maraîchers which, as its name suggests, was the place of unloading and selling the crops of yesteryear. Continue along the Yèvre, once past the dyke, enjoy the view of the submerged plots of the “upper” marshes. As you will no doubt observe, the site is an oasis for many species, mainly birds, which are the true inhabitants of the marshes. We continue our escape to the Place des Fresnes, in the shade of a weeping willow you will come across fishermen and market gardeners aboard their flat boats. Let's continue on the way to Caraqui to arrive slowly at the "port" where many boats are waiting for their bourdeurs. Chaussée de Chappe, turn right and walk along the marshes not outside, pass the Voiselle then on your right, a small path takes shape at the edge of the Yèvrette.

You are now in the wild part of the marshes, don't panic, the fauna only wants you well;). At the crossroads, continue the adventure by turning right, between the bamboo forests and the garden sheds. Watch where you step. At the end of the path, join the Voiselle on your right by taking the small green bridge. Continue on the white path on your right and turn around, the Cathedral is never far away! Place des Chenus, take the direction of the Allée des Ribauds, then the rue de Babylone which will bring you back to civilization!

Want to continue the ride? Conquer the city center through the Prés-Fichaux garden…

Along the Berry Canal 

The banks of the canal are being redeveloped to the delight of walkers. The goal is that in the long term, we will be able to link the Canal de Berry to the Loire by bike. While waiting for the end of the work, several sections are already finished and passable. From Bourges, you can reach Mehun-sur-Yèvre (25km one way) or Plaimpied-Givaudins (15km one way). 
Several walks are possible, from Lac d'Auron to the Abbey of Plampied-Givaudins for example, or from the quays of Prado to Marmagne. You are spoiled for choice...
Let's test together a walk starting from Lac d'Auron. Arrived by the Green Hole, head towards the new beach of Bourges (Right Bank). Continue along the lake, pass the small bridge and the old beach and you are finally on the Canal de Berry (downgraded, that is to say without water). Head for Plaimpied-Givaudins to visit its beautiful Abbey Church, a jewel of Romanesque art that will surprise you.

To find out more about the development of the Canal de Berry:

In the heart of the forest

You prefer walks in the heart of nature, the forests of Bourges and its surroundings will surprise you. Between the forest of Allogny and the woods of Henrichemont, you are not immune to a pleasant surprise!

In the heart of the Allogny forest, there are many trails that take you to the gates of Sologne. During the summer season the coolness of the undergrowth will protect you from the high heat, in the fall it is the perfect place to find mushrooms. Alone, with family or friends, take a breath of fresh air by taking the many wooded forest paths.
From the Allogny pond, take the Vèvre forest road and set off in search of the centenary fountain of the Verdier. Continue on the Tranchée d'Allogny to reach the Maison Forestière de Bois Rond. Open your eyes, at the bends of the paths you can come across fields of bear's garlic, lily of the valleys of hundred-year-old oaks (Mollevaux and Gros Chêne), but also on... a mysterious Chapel! You have found the Priory of Bléron, a former convent dating from the XNUMXth century. To return to the starting point, go up the Route Forestière de Saint-Eloy to return to the pond.

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