For this particular situation, we have found something to keep you busy in the open air. Several activities are to be done in calm and green surroundings. With family or friends, come and discover new activities to occupy your free time.

Bourges golf course

Not far from the city center, near the Val d'Auron, come and enjoy a green setting that exudes calm and nature. On nearly 75 hectares in the open air, the Bourges golf course offers two courses, 9 and 18 holes. Open all year round and even in winter, it is now one of the few spaces to be open despite health restrictions.
The Bourges golf course now wishes to introduce the activity to as many people as possible. It is therefore possible to do free initiation sessions for 2 hours, and supervised by a teacher. Let yourself be tempted for a sporting moment with friends or family.

Golf de Bourges


Exhibition of the Maison de la Culture in the marshes of Bourges

Did you dream of becoming a plant? Discover Vertimus, A breakaway...

The Maison de la Culture de Bourges is happy to offer you again and for the second consecutive year, an outdoor exhibition in the marshes of Bourges. This second edition will be based on the questioning of plants and the place they occupy. This year, 3 women are honoring the marshes of Bourges with their works. These plastic artists, Laurence, Karine and Francine offer you a free educational trail to discover their works and the secrets hidden in the marshes.

Give way to your imagination in front of the works and imagine yourself becoming a plant during your visit. This course evokes the adaptation and behavior of plants, and promotes the spirit of cohabitation in order to create an ecosystem.

Exposition #2 dans les marais de Bourges


Getaway on the Canal de Berry by bike

From Montluçon to Tours via St Amand, Bourges and Vierzon, come and enjoy a gentle roaming along the Cher.
This canal is so well located that it is at the crossroads between the Loire by bike and the Route Jacques Cœur. Many excursions are therefore possible, do not hesitate to browse and explore the surroundings. On your way you will find many locks, vestiges as well as traces of its past as a navigable canal.

To join the Loire à Vélo, take the direction of Sancoins, la Guerche-sur-l'Aubois or Marseilles-les-Aubigny.
To recover the Berry canal from Bourges, you just have to go to the foot of the Prado. In one direction or the other, come pedal either in the direction of Mehun-sur-Yèvre, or in the direction of Plaimpied-Givaudins

Canal de Berry à vélo