You may not know it, but the city center of Bourges is populated by fairies. Don't believe us? Go in search of their house doors, there are all colors, open your eyes...
In the real world, my name is Aurore.
I am an art creator and a big dreamer One of my big dreams is to have my own tea room, a magical, colorful and magical place. There will be fairies everywhere so you'll have to eat the delicious cakes before they sting the plates! The fairies being irresistible gourmands, it's up to you to devour my sweets and sweets before them!
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In total autonomy, go in search of the little fairy doors that settle in the historic center of the city. Each door has its own universe, magical, magical, which sometimes even refers to films or rock bands. For those who are afraid of getting lost and to find them for sure, we leave you a map with valuable clues...

Look down, small doors can go unnoticed...

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Facebook: @Florizale
Instagram: @florizale




Superb initiative. We love ! 👍


It's poetic at will, very different from what we see. Cheer.


They are too cute these little doors 👍


I love this little challenge, very nice initiative! Besides, they are beautiful. Well done 👏👏


I loved going in search of these little doors. This is very fun ! Thank you for this idea!

Vincent M.

Thank you for this fortuitous discovery during the tour of the ramparts. Thanks to Audrey for finding this page. Congratulations to Florizal, thanks to her for this brilliant initiative.


Cheer ; our grandchildren loved searching for the doors. Very nice initiative


Discovered by chance a door wondering what it was.. then another, then another. Got the explanation from a tradesman. Very nice idea.


super too kiki to do in bourges great thing to do but a little tiring when your girlfriend wants to find them all take your children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!


Ohh it's so cute it's small door that forces you to be more observant.


I found it very funny, and I like researching. It's quite nice.

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