For more than a hundred years, the Domaine de Grange Neuve has been thriving in Plaimpied-Givaudins, a few kilometers south of Bourges. Brigitte and Pascal Chaumeau, producers of green lentils, are distinguished by their know-how recognized through the success of their products made in Berry! “Miss'Tille” remains 100% traceable and identifiable thanks to “its little chestnut taste”.

lens love

Brigitte and Pascal appear as real precursors when they launch in 2014 in the sale in short circuit, products born of a common passion. It is in this spirit that the “Miss'Tille & Compagnie” brand began, an opportunity to highlight the richness of their work, starting with the green lentil. Then, they offer an increasingly extensive range: lentil flour, shortbread, blond lentils, red lentils, chickpeas… and even beer or lentil jam, the two latest best-sellers. A real pride for the Chaumeaus, gathered around common values ​​but above all united by the same love of their product. They managed to develop their activity over the years, their know-how being perpetuated on a larger scale. “Before, all our lentils were sorted by hand. Today, sorting is done in cooperation with ultra-modern machines that leave us with more than 99% sorted lenses”. But above all, their lenses remain unique thanks to their chestnut flavor in the mouth!

A family story

Pascal, a faithful defender of Berry's heritage, can count on the unwavering support of his wife, who was initially a stranger to farming. She still continues today, a professional activity outside the farm. The couple lives a fast daily life, driven mainly by working the land and the soil. This is also the mission of Pascal who spends his days outside, braving the weather and far from office hours! For Brigitte, the lentil also takes a lot of time: bagging, labelling… “I sometimes pack lentils until 22 or 23 pm, with series on my tablet as a backdrop,” she says. “Miss'Tille & Compagnie” is also that. The “Brigitte” touch, she says. This is the fourth generation of operators on the site since the takeover of the family operation of Grange Neuve in 2001.

sachets de lentilles
"Consumer recognition is also our reward for the efforts made throughout the year"
Brigitte et Pascal Chaumeau
Brigitte and Pascal

It is moreover Brigitte who describes her husband's particular attachment to this legume, which has always been part of the farm's crop rotations: "For a very long time, the lentil was the last crop in the harvest and that announced the end of a period of intense work, a time of decompression. The lentil culture, I describe it as a culture of rest and attention. Before all that, I was already giving my family and friends lenses for January 1st! This passion finally wins over the whole family and the support of their children is unfailing! This is also the Chaumeau green lentil: "from one year to the next, at farmers' markets, people recognize us, and it's not uncommon for them to challenge us: 'he was your son or your wife the last time?! »

Where to find them?

You will find them at major events such as the Bourges Gastronomy and Wine Fair, the Village Gourmand Berry Province du Printemps de Bourges, the Place Cujas night markets, the regional product shops, the Bourges Tourist Office, the groceries and delicatessens, medium-sized stores in the department… and school canteens!

Brigitte and Pascal CHAUMEAU
Domaine de Grange Neuve 18340 Plaimpied-Givaudins
+06 62 63 08 91 XNUMX
Direct sale at the farm



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Madam, Sir, Thanking you for correcting the telephone number of Mr. and Mrs. CHAUMEAU: 0662630891 and not the one you currently indicate which has been in MY name for 21 years.


    Hello, It is noted, we have changed the phone number.


Congratulations Pascal and Brigitte I harvested lentils a long time ago with your grandfather on this farm

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