The Natural History Museum of Bourges is more than 35 visitors a year, the first in the region! A place that has always appealed to the public... which questions, surprises and offers topical subjects.

À at the end of the 1920s, several ethnographic & colonial exhibitions took place in Bourges including one at the Jacques Cœ Palaceur, which will be decisive for the creation of the museum in the former barracks St PaulÀ At the time, several personalities tackled the subject head-on with a rshe wants to contribute to the education of berruyers. Sébastien Minch fell in small. She has a long history with this museum, of which he became director. it is in particular thanks to this mysterious place that he picked up everything he found to make collections. Ie museum everything evokes fond memories for him. So, what does Sébastien think about the museum? 

Bourges Berry Tourisme: What exactly is the role of the Bourges Natural History Museum?

Sebastien Minchin : A museum preserves the collections and enriches them. Of course, he is working on this, with the help of inventories and scientific data. Its role is to enhance its collections through themes and also to link what happens in the museum and what happens outside the walls! Here, bats are a real specialty. It also allows you to think about the environment. In a few words, the role of a museum is to conserve, educate, question, create, enhance and work with the public.

Bourges Berry Tourism: A particularity?

Sebastien Minchin : It is a museum which very early knew how to open up to the outside world and not to concentrate only on its collections. By working on bats and living organisms, this has made it possible to create links with the inhabitants, to empower them and to make them eco-citizens before their time. That is really a Berruyère specificity. In addition, the museum was created long after the others, which is why it does not have all these XNUMXth century collections.rd. It captures visitors by offering subjects very different from others. It is small and yet still in touch with foreign countries… There is Bordeaux, Toulouse, Strasbourg… and there is Bourges!

Bourges Berry Tourisme: What is your favorite piece and why?

Sebastien Minchin: The Dioramas. These are evocations of environments with its different species, I find it particularly successful. The oldest part is also a place where I came when I was a kid. I have a long history with the Museum of Bourges. Essential place with my parents, it made me want to make collections, I picked up everything I found. The whole museum brings back memories...

Bourges Berry Tourisme: What is the pride of the museum?

Sebastien Minchin: Everything developed around bats. Initially, it was a species subject to try to change their negative image. We finally realized that it is a very interesting species and corresponds to the good health of the environment. They regularly return to the heart of the news. We get dozens of calls a day about bats. It's a beautiful legacy and a source of pride to be able to pursue it and continue this adventure.

Bourges Berry Tourisme: Does the museum hold any secrets?

Sebastien Minchin: His secret is to share everything. Everything must be questioned and in broad daylight.


Bourges Berry Tourisme: What would you say to someone who hesitates to come and visit the Museum?

Sebastien Minchin: He mustn't be afraid, we've never eaten anyone! The team wants to exchange with the public, the offices are scattered all over the museum for this very reason. It is also possible to come just to the reception area, sit down and have a coffee, push the door to see further. We are no longer in a logic of doing “the whole museum”. We can do one zone and then another time, another.

Bourges Berry Tourisme: Do you have anything to add?

Sebastien Minchin: The museum's project, in the years to come, is to become a sustainable and responsible museum. Sustainable over time, sustainable in the projects it carries out (social, economic, cultural, etc.) getting out of the box and shaking it all up. There will be a before, a during and an after in the projects that we are going to set up.

TO KNOW : The Natural History Museum of Bourges was created a century after most similar places in large provincial towns. He gets a helping hand from the Paris Museum, which entrusts him with all his duplicates, including Hans, the star elephant of the Bourges museum.


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