Gourmet friends and other aficionados of made in Berry cuisine! Just for you, our lover of good things, Emmanuelle has concocted a dish for you using our famous green lentils. They come from the Chaumeau estate located in Plaimpied-Givaudins, where Brigitte and Pascal perpetuate the tradition of lentil manufacturing with recognized know-how through the success of their products.
Domaine Chaumeau

Did you know ?

  • Lentils are good for the line: Low in calories and with a very low glycemic index, they provide us with long-term energy without causing the blood sugar level to explode! In addition, they stall, so goodbye untimely cravings.
  • Lentils to fill up on protein and iron: Good news for vegetarians! (well not for our recipe, even if you can obviously remove the meat). It is rich in iron (3,3mg/100g) and protein (26% raw, 9% cooked), essential nutrients for energy and tone.
  • Lentils, a concentrate of minerals: In addition to iron, there are also magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, manganese and calcium.
  • Lentils, an excellent source of fiber: Very rich in fiber, these legumes will cover almost half of the daily needs with just a 100g portion.
  • Lentils are rich in antioxidants: Another health benefit, lentils contain many antioxidants from the flavonoid family (catechins, procyanidins, saponins). In addition, recent studies have shown that among them, some could fight bad cholesterol and lower blood tryglycerides, but also slow the development of cancer cells in the body. (source: cuisineaz.com)

No more excuses to consume it now! (And to find out more about the Chaumeau estate, an entire article is dedicated to their history in the next issue OnBourges#7 Spring-Summer 2021)

Lentil soup recipe 


  • 2 white leeks
    2 onions
    20 gr de beurre
    400 gr smoked bacon or 2 smoked sausages (as you wish) or nothing if you are vegetarian
    180 g of Berry green lentils
    1 apple
    1 cube of vegetable broth
    1 bouquet garni
    1 tablespoon Madras curry
  1. Fry the leeks cut into small pieces and the onions in the butter.
  2. Add the smoked bacon and the apple cut into small pieces.
  3. Let reduce for another 5 minutes. Then book.
  4. Cook the lentils in 1 liter of simmering water, with a vegetable stock cube and a bouquet garni for 35 minutes.
  5. Adjust the texture with more or less water.
  6. For a very velvety texture, add a laughing cow or a fresh square.

Serve hot!



Brigitte Chaumeau

Beautiful photos, a nice taste of this report. THANKS.


I had the opportunity to taste your lentils at my brother-in-law's, Michel Parent, a real treat. Congratulations

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