When we talk about Berry products, we often think of gastronomy. But craftsmanship is not to be outdone in our small region, far from it...


If you don't know La Borne, this village populated by irreducible "potters", we tell you everything!
Its land exceptionally rich in sandstone and its dense forest have attracted since the XNUMXthe century many potters and ceramists. Currently more than thirty artists from all over the world have their studios, which they gladly open to visitors. It is only natural that a Contemporary Ceramics Center and a pottery museum have been established in this fertile land. 
Whether utilitarian or artistic pottery, these are unique pieces and you are bound to find what you are looking for!

Faced with the health crisis, potters and Contemporary Ceramics Center have organized themselves to offer you "click & collect" to put ceramics at the foot of the tree. 

Four catalogs are online to help you make your choice. Shop which brings together the members of the Association Céramique La Borne, the artistic permanence of the Association Céramique La Borne, the guest artists current exhibitions, and finally the bookstore.

The artists

Many French and international artists coexist around the village of La Borne. We met two of them, they opened the doors of their workshops to us…

Maya Micenmacher Rousseau and her husband Nicolas Rousseau have a workshop at Chezal Benoit around La Borne. A family of recognized artists! A simple phone call to make an appointment, they will welcome you with pleasure.
Maya Micenmacher-Rousseau
Maya Micenmacher-Rousseau
ceramic potter artist
Eric Astoul is a big name in contemporary ceramics who has his workshop in La Borne attached to his shop which is open every day. A creative with a heart of gold who likes to share his art.
La Borne Astoul
Eric Astoul
ceramic potter artist