It has now been two years since she settled in La Borne with her man, Mathieu Dalivout. After the kitchens of George V, "Monsieur" trusted her and followed her to the cradle of the family to take over the reins of the Épicerie, an institution in the village of potters, which is both a restaurant and a point of sale. sale. To everyone's delight!

Interview with Clementine Préault

OnBourges: Why did you choose La Borne? 
Clementine Preault: I knew La Borne well because my family is from the area. Besides, my parents sometimes help us at the grocery store. We used to go there for a walk during the holidays. Today we live there, we have just had a child and we have managed to find a good rhythm to live!

OnBourges: How do you manage the multiple hats cook / waitress / saleswoman?
Clementine Preault: The first year we tried to do everything at the same time, it was difficult. Now it's more pleasant. We cook in the morning, then we are on duty at lunchtime, then the grocery store opens... Our real job is cooking, but it's great to see people, it's a contact we didn't have . We like to make them happy. Our only driving force is when people tell us they are happy. 

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OnBourges: Is it a rolling business then?
Clementine Preault: We're not doing too badly, we even manage to fill the whole week, sometimes almost a week in advance! So much so that we ask customers to book to organize themselves and do beautiful things without waste.

OnBourges: You give great importance to avoiding waste and using local products…
Clementine Preault: That's why we have a short card. First, our job is to cook, not to throw away. It is not our vision of the kitchen to take a freezer! And we try as much as possible to work with local, even ultra-local producers in Morogues in particular. We want a real exchange with them, we have a very friendly relationship. They are the ones who determine our menu, depending on the products available. If we don't have a lot of green beans, we make do with them, if it's a year without porcini mushrooms, we won't buy any from abroad. 

“Our only driving force is when people tell us they are happy”
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Clementine Preault
The grocery store

OnBourges: Highlight the locals on the plate and on the table!
Clementine Preault: Yes, here we have crockery from several different potters: plates, carafes, even picture frames! It leads to discovering their work, we try to present as much as possible. We know everyone and everyone knows each other, that's also what I like here. The artistic side, the atypical side, and also the real village side. 

OnBourges: And what do you think of Bourges?
Clementine Preault: Bourges is our exit to the big city! I like to take a short walk in the pedestrian streets, make loops in the historic city center. Start by going down rue Bourbonnoux, then reach place Gordaine, and go up rue Coursarlon!

Tourism in La Borne seen through the eyes of Clémentine: boundless!

It is a very very touristy village! It is a center of attraction, a well-known place of art, especially during events that attract such as the Grands Feux or via the Center Céramique Contemporaine. There are people who also come from very far away: we have regular New Yorkers, we see Japanese people… Summer here is a bit like being by the sea!

Practical information

L'Épicerie - Restaurant and Delicatessen
Way of Uses
La Borne - 18250 Henrichemont

Facebook: @lepicerielaborne

Restaurant : at lunch from Wednesday to Sunday and at dinner from Thursday to Saturday

Deli : Wednesday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 16 p.m. to 19 p.m.