What if we revealed a little mystery behind the Mysteries of Bourges? Don't count on us to give you the answers, just what you need to get to know this treasure hunt in the heart of Bourges. How it unfolds, who directs it… and especially why you absolutely have to try it!

Diving into the heart of the mystery

“Ready to unravel the Mysteries of Bourges? This is how you will be welcomed in front of the Palais Jacques Cœur. So far so good ! Then, you are given a bag padlocked everywhere, a map that you are advised to look at even if you know Bourges well, a road book. And we repeat with insistence to read well. It's starting to get complicated!

Context: you are in 1451, the time of our dear Jacques Coeur. And he wants to help you get his fortune back, because he's going to get arrested. With a valiant heart, nothing is impossible, he would tell us… This is what we will quickly discover, because now is when the game begins!

Once a mystery hunter, always a mystery hunter!

This is followed by about 3 kilometers of wandering in the city center (or a little more!), for an average of two hours of play. no time limit, and if you get lost in the twists and turns of the Berruyer cobblestones, the mystery hunters (and creators) will be there for you.

Who are the ones driving you crazy? And who are those who have fun watching you from afar wondering if you are in the right place, if you understand? It's Sophie and Clément, a Berruyers sister and brother who wanted to discover the heritage that rocked them during their childhood, in their own way.

The mystery of the path to follow remains intact

It's been a little over a year now that the Mysteries of Bourges keep apprentice Sherlock Holmes in suspense. A year during which we met them in the streets, wondering what they could do with their bag full of padlocks!

You think you have a clue when you see them at certain strategic points, but don't trust them too much! The puzzles necessarily lead to emblematic monuments, linked to the Jacques Cœur story, but not necessarily the ones you think... and the players don't necessarily use the objects in the right order either!

Mystères de Bourges ©Ad2t

The Mysteries of Bourges can be solved as a team, because alone, it's less fun! From two to six, why not in girl versus guy battles, with family, between friends... No age, but before seven or eight years old, some puzzles could be complicated. It takes a bit of a challenge, right? But the little ones can still count or write. In any case, fans of board games, escape games, puzzles and treasure hunts will find their way there. And heritage of course!

Practical information

The Mysteries of Bourges
Prices: €15 per person for a team of 3 to 6 players;
20€ per person for a team of 2 players.

Reservations on lesmysteresdebourges.fr ;
à contact@lesmysteresdebourges.fr ;
or on 07 66 68 44 20