If you are reading these lines, it is because you are looking to occupy yourself in Bourges and its surroundings. You are the sweet daddy who wants to take his children to fun places. You are that student who wants a romantic one-on-one time with her boyfriend. Or this granny who wants to go out with her group of friends. Good pick ! We offer you some original ideas in the area!

With your family

“Dad, dad, what are we doing today? Dad, I'm bored!! »… And we do without you! The long summer holidays are often a concert for the ears. We have some ideas to calm this symphony!

Of course there are the essentials. Enough to leave the little ones speechless – that was the goal – in front of the Cathedral, the Palais Jacques Cœur or the museums. We bet they'll ask you to go back to the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle to see the faces of stuffed animals and the very playful exhibition “Les Aces de la Jungle”!

On the fun side, the always effective solution is to let off steam in the gardens of the Archdiocese and the Prés-Fichaux. Otherwise, the Tourist Office has prepared booklets with observation routes in the city and around, enough to exercise their brains while walking.

It is Mehun-sur-Yèvre and La Borne which also have the right to their own booklet. The opportunity to discover the Castle and the Porcelain Pole of Pillivuyt for the first, and the museums and potters' workshops for the second. Know-how always amazes! At La Borne, it is even possible to do fun workshops or discover the Funny Little Museum, an unmissable event that will leave you with very good memories!

In table!

If reposer


We don't know Bourges as being THE city of lovers, and yet it has so much charm! Whether you want to seduce a boyfriend, cherish your beloved or please your husband, there are plenty of ways to do it here!

A stroll through the alleys of the historic city center is appropriate to begin the change of scenery. The flowery half-timbered facades, the Promenade des Remparts and its tea rooms... And then climb to the top of the Tour de Beurre carrying your loved one in your arms! We promise you it's worth it!

Another way to discover Bourges in summer is with the Nuits Lumière. They transport you from monument to monument for a romantic walk in the light of blue lamps.

Romanticism is also about gardens, like the two Remarkables that are the Jussy-Champagne Castle Park and Garden of Marie de Neuilly-en-Sancerre. And the icing on the cake, or rather the drop of wine that fills the glass, is a picnic in the Menetou-Salon vineyard. Two lovers in front of the Berry sunset, what could be better?

To eat a bite

If reposer

La Forge - Le Subdray ©Ad2T
La Forge - The Subdray ©Ad2T


Going to the cinema, playing a game of Scrabble, sunbathing on the terrace… summer afternoons can sometimes be very long, and look alike. So we move the group of friends who are moping and we break the routine, there is better to do in Bourges!

Already, we can stretch our legs! There are plenty of greenways here, between the Rocade Verte or the cycle route that runs along the Canal de Berry. To find you there, the Tourist Office has even prepared “Green Escapes” routes. No, you have no more excuses now, we swear it feels good!

We know that vacation means freeing ourselves from history lessons, and we don't necessarily want to think about it. But there are ways to learn while having fun, and to think… while having fun too! Good ideas are Baludik app or even the Mysteries of Bourges. It's tempting?

You are now allowed to sit around a table with a drink, but not at home! Bourges, there are terraces almost everywhere and in particular Place Gordaine in an ideal setting. You may find a nugget in the sandstone alleys, take the opportunity to do some shopping!

Eat well

If reposer

Terrasses Place Gordaine ©Ad2T
Place Gordaine terraces ©Ad2T

Do not hesitate to mix activities, friends do family activities, families do romantic activities... We only direct you to help you!
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