The scent of cheese literally embraces you when you walk through the door of Yannick Benezet's lair. The charm of Place Gordaine probably contributes to the prestige of the creamery of the same name, considered by the Berruyers as an institution for several years. Its owner, for 5 years now, has added his little touch.

Interview with Yannick Benezet

OnBourges: I thought I understood that you were from Auvergne, why did you choose Bourges?
Yannick Benezet: Quite simply for work, I had another life before cheese, I was a manager in a mutual insurance company. I left Clermont-Ferrand for Châteauroux, then Bourges. And at 35, I asked myself a lot of questions: I had studied management to be my own boss. Passing in the street, I had noticed the Crèmerie Gordaine. At the time, there were three chocolate factories and I thought to myself that the French ate more cheese than chocolate. There had to be something to do, so my idea developed around cheese. After meeting the owner of the creamery, he and I hit it off. It wasn't very difficult because he's a really nice person! He took me under his wing, taught me the tricks of the trade and ended up offering me to take over the store. I said yes ! », that was 5 years ago and since then… it's progressing!
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OnBourges: “Tout un Plateau – Crèmerie Gordaine” is a real institution in Bourges, what is its history?
Yannick Benezet: It seems yes…! It was already when I took it over and the idea was to extend the activity. So, I came up with my ideas, I'm quite on the lookout for new technologies and I wanted to modernize the image of the store by putting things in place. Today, I am even present on toogoodtogo! I am trying to modernize the image of cheese on my small scale… I like the city of Bourges because it is a city on a human scale. I come from Clermont-Ferrand which is already a big city, Bourges is a big village. I feel it a lot moreover in my clientele and in my everyday life, everyone knows each other.
OnBourges: You can also be found at certain markets, it seems to me…
Yannick Benezet: Saturday morning at the Halle au Blé market and Sunday morning during the Halle Saint-Bonnet market, for which the creamery is open, of course, since it is really close by. Between the market and the shop, it's very different. The market is very intense and physically very demanding! On the other hand, the atmosphere is there and the clientele is not the same… There are always regulars there, almost more than at the store. For the record, it was at the Halle au Blé market that the store started with my predecessor, 25 years ago. He had a small table on which he placed Saint-Nectaire and Cantal with an old-fashioned scale and then he developed little by little. First the Halle au Blé, then the Halle Saint-Bonnet and in 1998, he left the Halle Saint-Bonnet to set up the shop.
I like the city of Bourges because it is a city on a human scale.
Tout un plateau - Crèmerie Gordaine @Ad2t
Yannick Benezet
A whole board
OnBourges: Does the market have something special for you?
Yannick Benezet: Its abundance, it contributes to the general atmosphere. Traders come from all over the region with different skills (butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer, etc.). We find ourselves in a real camaraderie and we are all aware of being part of the same team in a certain way. It creates an esprit de corps, traders, market… We are not individuals but market traders.
OnBourges: Do you have a regular clientele or do some tourists come through the door to bring back Berry cheese?
Yannick Benezet:A large majority of my customers are regulars, but tourists like to push the door too! Place Gordaine is THE tourist district. I speak English it helps. There are foreign tourists and they appreciate being spoken to in English! Tourists leave with droppings but when the season is over and there is none, they are very disappointed… I like to respect the seasonality of products and I work locally.
OnBourges: Which Berry products do you recommend?
Yannick Benezet:In AOC, there are only goats: Crottin de Chavignol, Valençay and Pouligny-Saint-Pierre! My preference is Pouligny and Chavignol is very successful!
A whole platter - Creamery Gordaine @Ad2t
OnBourges: What quality(s) do you need to be a good creamer?
Yannick Benezet: Passion! The passion for the product, for the transmission, a certain abnegation for his work. You have to read, find out… for the wine too! Customers are in demand to accompany their cheese. I also work locally and on all local wines.
OnBourges: A wine to recommend with Chavignol?
Yannick Benezet: To accompany a good crottin, you need a good white Sancerre! Or a Quincy, it works just as well…
OnBourges: What is your favorite place in Bourges?
Yannick Benezet: So… (silence and smile). I have lots of favorite places for very different reasons: Place Gordaine for its richness of all kinds! Les Jardins des Prés-Fichaux or de l'Archevêché when I want to read a little and go green, these are two very pleasant places, for reading it's great! And a small madeleine, it's during the Nuits Lumière. I really like to sit in the small passageway at the foot of the cathedral. I love taking 5 minutes, asking myself, enjoying the view of the cathedral from below.
OnBourges: What do you dream of for Bourges?
Yannick Benezet: Halls with restaurants! The Halle Saint-Bonnet would lend itself so well… It's a good way to mix tourists and locals!

Pratical information 

8 rue Jean Girard 18000 Bourges
Tel: +02 48 02 17 67
Facebook: @ToutUnPlateau


During this period of confinement, “Tout un Plateau – Crèmerie Gordaine” continues its activity. The point of sale remains open Wednesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 15:30 p.m. to 19 p.m., Tuesday from 15:30 p.m. to 19 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It is also every Saturday morning at the Halle au Blé market.
You have the possibility to recover your products by drive or to have them delivered if you live in or around Bourges.
For further information, refer to the contact above.