Who said you had to wait for family meals to bring out the porcelain service? With Pillivuyt, porcelain is trendy, practical and accessible. Today leader on the French professional market, it invites itself to all tables. A look back at a success story that we love so much in Berry...

200 years of know-how, just that!

The story begins in 1818… Richard Pillivuyt, who will give his name to the company, comes from a family of Swiss bankers. Having just obtained French nationality, he went into partnership with a landowner from Foëcy, Mr. Klein. Together, they buy a brick factory which they transform into a porcelain factory. This is where it all takes shape! 

In 1854, Charles Pillivuyt built a new factory in Mehun-sur-Yèvre.
With its technical and creative developments, the company quickly won numerous prizes and distinctions around the world: design prize in New York, gold medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1900, Innovation Prize... renowned, the brand is developing on an international scale and dresses large tables. Like those of the Royal Court of Holland or the Royal Court of Egypt.
Over the years, Pillivuyt has created pieces that have become emblematic, such as the bar cup with sides, the steak plate or the tart mold. In 2009, it was recognized as a “Living Heritage Company. »
She collaborates in parallel with chefs and other professionals to innovate and create new attractive shapes anchored in the trend. Modernization helps to increase the efficiency and profitability of production.
Pillivuyt - manufacture @Pillivuyt
Pillivuyt - factory @Pillivuyt
In 2005, Pillivuyt created Pillenium, a porcelain that is harder and more resistant than other pastes. At the same time, it develops flame and induction compatible products, as well as new glazes and contemporary shapes for today's market.
This beautiful story is rooted in its territory and clearly promotes French know-how! The manufacture offers collections whose names are inspired by Berry, such as “Sancerre”. But also the riches of France such as "Chambord", "Paris", or even "Montmartre".

Pillivuyt also does not forget the chef that lies dormant in all of us. It offers kettles, cocottes, terrines or pie molds in its “Classics” collection so that meals in their Sunday best have their little effect.

New services to reinvent yourself

If Pillivuyt offers classic ranges or dedicated to adorn the tables of the greatest restaurants in France, it does not forget to follow the trends. A style office, with a team of stylists and graphic designers, works and offers lines to die for!
Pillivuyt - manufacture @Pillivuyt
Pillivuyt - factory ©Pillivuyt

Do not throw away your old porcelain!

Pillivuyt uses the Kintsugi technique… Kesako? It is a Japanese repair technique with gold, to enhance a damaged object by magnifying its defects. The Kintsugi allows you to revive an object, and that, we like it!... She follows the philosophical and aesthetic approach, which consists in sublimating the imperfections of a room, to bring it back to life and tell its story.
After two years of development with Japanese Kintsugi masters, the Pillivuyt teams are ready. They will repair your porcelain and other ceramic objects, from Pillivuyt brands or other designers! Are you ready to turn your flaws into strengths? To give a second life to your precious objects?
Pillivuyt - manufacture @Pillivuyt
Pillivuyt - factory @Pillivuyt
The brand regularly opens pop-up stores and deploys the “From fire to table” mobility concept. Thus, throughout the year, Pillivuyt sets out on the roads of the world with a unique concept of demonstration - sale of its products to promote its know-how and its authentic values.
You can also "shop" them directly on their online store and admire them at the Pôle de la Porcelaine (rue des Grands Moulins).
Practical information
Rue de la Manufacture 18500 MEHUN-SUR-YÈVRE
Open Monday to Saturday from 14 p.m. to 18 p.m. (hours subject to change depending on the evolution of the current health situation).
Tel: +02 48 67 31 00
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