Every year at the Bourges Tourist Office, many festival-goers ask us practical questions during the Printemps de Bourges. Here is our top 5 most asked questions during the festival!

1.Where are the toilets?

The classic question but always essential for a tourist or a festival-goer regardless of the season. During the day you will find several municipal public toilets: very close to the Cathedral in the Jardin de l'Archevêché; those of the Jardin des Prés-Fichaux; but also close to the Tourist Office in rue du Doyen; towards the Halle au Blé place Planchat and finally, those of the parking lot of the town hall. Le Printemps de Bourges thinks of you too, the organizers are installing toilets in Place Séraucourt and around the main stages.
small tip : Think about the toilets in the car parks 😉

2.Where can we park?

As in any festival and especially during the Printemps de Bourges, the city is overcrowded and parking spaces are rare, but thanks to our advice you will know where to look. The technique is simple, the earlier you arrive, the more space you will have!
To begin with, as close as possible to the city centre, the strasbourg blvd opposite the Cathedral has many free places. A few meters away you will find the parking lot Course Anatole France which is also free. Be careful, if these two places are full, do not bother to rush into the historic center, it means that you have to go further. The car park of Prado is large enough to accommodate you, it is located 5 minutes walk from Printemps along the famous Berry canal. Finally, the Boulevard Lahitolle offers places a few minutes from the city center and concert halls.

3. Where are the big stages?

It's not that the city center of Bourges is very large, but during the festival the city takes on the air of a metropolis.
Bourges is divided into two parts, the first which includes the Spring in the city (including bars, restaurants in the historic center and Place Séraucourt with free stages).
The second, the Spring of Bourges which includes the large stages along the Rampe Marceau with the hall of the W,  Auron Palace and  22. But also stages in the emblematic places of the city such as the Palace and its Jacques Cœur Theater, the Halle au Blé, the Salle du duc Jean... 

4. What can you visit during Spring?

Printemps de Bourges is intense! Between concerts, bars, friends, you have to take a well-deserved break. You are in luck because Bourges is full of activities and several choices are available to you. If you want to make a culture and heritage break know that Bourges has a very rich historical heritage and that all tourist sites are open during the festival. A real chance! The Palais Jacques Cœur, the Cathedral of Bourges and its crypt, as well as the many museums from the city.

You prefer a more restorative break ? No problem, read our article: take a break during Spring to give you ideas!
*Attention : as concerts are scheduled in the courtyard of the Palais Jacques Cœur in the afternoon, the palace will be open free of charge to visitors from 9:30 a.m. to 13 p.m. only.

5. What to do when it's raining / it's sunny?

Every year it is a bet that the Printemps de Bourges makes with the weather. When it comes to big stages no matter the weather, you'll always be dry. For Spring in the City it's more delicate, but between us, it never rains for long in Bourges 😉 
When the weather is nice, Bourges shows its most beautiful face, the various gardens of the city will offer you shade and rest (Jardin des Prés-Fichaux and Archbishopric). If you really need fresh air, the Marais de Bourges are a 10-minute walk from the city center, a real corner of the countryside with its vegetable gardens and canals. Place Gordaine, you will find terraces to cool off and ice cream vendors for the greediest. 

 when it rains (and yes it happens, it's the game my poor Lucette), you have several refuges: the big tents of the place Séraucourt, the village Berry Province and in the city at the level of the enclosure of the Jacobins. You will always find shelter under the arbors and tents of the various bars, restaurants and refreshments in the city.

Jardin de l'Archeveché

Bonus: Where to take a good photo of the Cathedral?

The Berruyers (inhabitants of Bourges) are proud of their cathedral because it is unique. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992, its tallest tower measures over 67m and the cathedral is over 120m long. Due to its size, it is difficult to photograph it entirely, because it is surrounded by half-timbered houses, witness to the medieval past of the city.
 To save you from contorting yourself by trying several crazy positions to take the whole cathedral, we are going to give you our "spots" to take a perfect photo. We ask you only one thing in exchange… put the #bourgesberrytourism 😉
No. 1: Rue du Doyen to see the portal and the towers // No. 2: Yellow Door Street with the towers and additional half-timbered houses // No. 3: View of the Archbishop's Garden // #4: Rue des 3 mallets for the Butter Tower // N°5: Strasbourg Blvd. for the back of the cathedral with its tower.