The Printemps de Bourges is above all an opportunity to see many artists perform, but the festival goes much further and takes over every nook and cranny of the city. A complete program, the discovery of new shoots, Printemps dans la Ville, Les Exclamations!, creations, ... which give Bourges the colors of the capital of music... Spring all year round, we are for, so for put you (and him) in the mood, we gave Boris, the director of Printemps de Bourges, 10 seconds to promote the festival...
Le Printemps de Bourges is all about letting go! We celebrate the arrival of sunny days, happy days, we discover a festival, artists and a city… and afterwards… we think of the world differently!
Boris Vedel
Boris Vedel
Director of Printemps de Bourges

The Printemps de Bourges 2019 in broad outline? 
2019 is the blossoming of a new format for the festival! For 3 years, we have been working on a new formula of artistic programming that characterizes us and which revolves around 3 axes: creation, discovery and emergence.

This year, the festival has 6 creations and many more discoveries including RAP at the Halle au Blé, but also youth shows, folk, or the emergence of new European talents with Club EUROPE, one of the new features for 2019... 

From a territorial point of view, we are developing many programs which are bearing fruit and which are becoming mature: Printemps dans la ville. It is more beautiful, richer, extra musical also with the Rendez-vous Demain!, the Exclamations!. there are also animations (musical moments, brass bands, …) everywhere in the city, collaborations with Fine Arts students. This year, the guest of honor is a pleasure: Barbara Hendricks, we are delighted!

Why did you want to join the “Responsible Spring” approach?
We can no longer close our eyes, either individually or collectively. A festival is also a laboratory for new ideas and experimentation on a human scale, so we have to be responsible on all levels. And besides, we have a real responsibility because we have the legitimacy to be a driving force… Where else can you discover new uses if not at a festival? It is a strength, so we must assume this responsibility and it is now a request from festival-goers... 

Beirut © Olga Baczynska

Your favorite thing about programming? BEIRUT, Wednesday at W… The 1st artist programmed this year!

The concert that you will not miss?
BEIRUT of course and the creation “Jacques, Joseph, Victor sleeps” in partnership with the Maison de la Culture de Bourges for a tribute to Higelin.  

In which unlikely place in Bourges would you like to organize a concert?
Without hesitation: at Lac D'Auron and therefore at the water's edge...

Do you have a place that you particularly like to eat and have a drink?  
Right now, the Full Moon restaurant, the same for a drink! I really like the terrace of the La Suite restaurant, also on Rue Bourbonnoux under the walls of the old town…

Bonus, just for you!

The Printemps de Bourges… it's always a new story reinvented at each edition! In particular because our city and its territory are rich in opportunities, each more original than the next...

 We hear about Spring all year round, what is it exactly?
…AND Spring all year round in schools, projects in resonance with the Exclamations!, Europe for this year:
– Programs like Recreation-A-Sound  for the little ones, song classes, meeting artists who come to discover the art (and happiness) of composing and writing songs for a whole week in primary schools...
- The College students spring which involves the choirs of the department around the repertoires on the theme of the Exclamation!
- The high school reporters, a program that introduces students to careers in journalism.
– And finally the Master Classes of the Music Conservatory of Bourges led by former iNOUïS artists, like a wish for transmission that is becoming a reality

For the moment, that... it's set, it allows us to work on a new 3-year cycle that will be written with all our teams and our partners from the end of the 2019 edition. Bourges is identified as THE CAPITAL OF CURRENT MUSIC in France and of the emergence of new artists in France. This is what should differentiate us from other festivals. The Printemps de Bourges lives with its city and continually develops new projects with its territory.