Take a break during the Printemps de Bourges, many of you ask us. Here is a selection of ideas to satisfy you. Don't hesitate to tell us in the comments what you like to do for a successful break during the Printemps de Bourges!

Pass by the Tourist Office to bring back regional products and other souvenirs

Many festival-goers come during the Printemps de Bourges without properly discovering the city of Bourges. And that's a shame, because Bourges conceals real treasures: heritage, architecture, surroundings and… gastronomy. At least take the time to pick up some local delicacies at the Tourist Office! The +: Also bring back a poster of the Printemps de Bourges produced by a local artist on sale at the Tourist Office.

Manga break and Tayaki tasting at Manga-T

Entry into the Manga-T universe, this tea room, manga library takes you on a journey to Japan. Sip a good bubble tea accompanied by a small Japanese pastry, enough to make you instantly disconnected. Homemade cakes made by the minute for your greatest pleasure: Tayaki fish-shaped rice cake, Daifuku a kind of maxi Mochi and many other things to discover...
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Have a game of board games at the game bar

Take a break with friends or family during the Printemps de Bourges and meet up at the new games bar, boulevard Gambetta. You can borrow board games (and there is something for everyone) while consuming drinks or playing pool. And above all, enjoy this moment of calm before the storm!
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Stroll in the Marais de Bourges or in the gardens of the city

After an evening dancing until the end of the night, here is the best place to rest in peace and enjoy a moment in nature: the Marais de Bourges.
In the heart of Bourges, you will reach this green paradise a few minutes walk away. On the program: siesta in the sun, vegetable gardens and fresh water!

The city's public gardens are also ideal places to take a break and you are spoiled for choice: the Archdiocese garden adjoining the cathedral, the Prés Fichaux garden labeled "Remarkable Garden" for its arcades and bushes , but also larger spaces such as the Val d'Auron lake or the Trouée Verte.

Good to know: If the weather is not good, choose the option of tea rooms and coffee shops instead to warm up and regain your strength.
All the addresses of the tea rooms are here: https://www.bourgesberrytourisme.com/preparer/bon-appetit/les-atypiques/

Visit Bourges Cathedral

The star of Bourges, our beloved Cathedral. Visible for miles around, the lighthouse of Bourges never ceases to dazzle us. With its 5 portals and its impressive dimensions, we understand why it is classified as World Heritage by Unesco. Fancy a guided tour in complete autonomy? You just need to download the LegendR app and follow the instructions!
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