Wander and get lost! The historic heart of the city will not leave you indifferent. Very well preserved, it is adorned with more than 400 half-timbered houses, Renaissance mansions, or the remains of the Gallo-Roman rampart. Our advice to enjoy your visit: get lost in the streets and stroll around!

Between pedestrian streets and half-timbered house

Bourbonnoux Street

Rue Bourbonnoux, Mirebeau, Porte Jaune, Coursarlon or Place Gordaine… Raise your head and admire the 440 half-timbered houses from the 3th century. Do not miss: “the house of the XNUMX flutes” and its magnificent post-corner rue Bourbonnoux; Place Gordaine where the pedestrian streets meet and where it is always pleasant to have a drink on the terrace. Rue d'Auron, which is one of the oldest and longest in Bourges, is still a shopping street today. It connects the former ducal palace (today Hôtel du Département) to the Church of Saint-Pierre.

Private mansions… jewels of the Renaissance in Bourges

Aldermen's Hotel

At the bends of the streets full of charm, you will discover some nuggets of the 1ʳᵉ Renaissance which, for some, housed the city ​​museums. The Hôtel des Échevins, Cujas or Hôtel Lallemant bear witness to the city's Renaissance past, which was infused a few years earlier by the Palais Jacques Cœur.
The finest example of this art in Bourges remains the Hôtel Lallemant, with its impressive set of decorative sculptures, its staircase turrets and its sculpted coffered ceiling. Due to works, the Hôtel Lallemant is temporarily closed to the public. 

The walk along the ramparts, a walk out of time

Very close to the cathedral, the promenade of the ramparts was created along the Gallo-Roman rampart partly destroyed in the XNUMXth century, the city having extended. The houses and buildings were therefore leaned against it. Quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, this walk, parallel to rue Bourbonnoux, can be extended by a pleasant moment on the terrace in a unique place where a tea room nestled in an old Gothic cellar will offer you some delicacies. .

Have you noticed this big cobbled circle in front of the modern building of the Hôtel de Ville which overflows onto the street in front of the roundabout of May 8, 1945? This is the location of the "big tower" of Bourges in the Middle Ages. It proves the power of the city at the time. This marking of impressive dimensions marks the former royal keep, the few remains of the foundations of which are visible from the underground car park of the town hall.


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