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For more than 40 years, it has offered us crazy evenings and such beautiful discoveries... The famous Printemps de Bourges arrives every year in April and capsizes the whole city for a week, the capital of song! Let's go back to the end of 1976, when a new idea emerged from three characters; Daniel Colling and his two companions Maurice Frot and Alain Meillant: a music festival, in the heart of the city of Bourges, only during the Easter holidays.
“Le Printemps de Bourges must become, for all those interested in song, a place of creation, expression and confrontation on the song of today. »

A complicated yet promising start

In 1977, the first Printemps de Bourges was organised. An important date to note and remember because the first edition was a great success with more than 13 tickets sold. At that time, the festival was not yet very well adopted by berruyers (and when you know the reputation that the festival has today, you suspect that things have changed over the years!). In 1989, Printemps went into bankruptcy because the festival had grown too large for lack of the financial resources it had.

The great return of Spring

In the 90s, Printemps decided to relaunch the event by starting on better bases and by wanting to be more modern. The rap category is added to the festival. It didn't take long to exceed 100 spectators! Printemps is increasingly perceived as an unmissable meeting point for music professionals! Another important point that will allow reconciliation with the berruyers, Printemps becomes a lever for world music and highlights many talents to the French public with the arrival of "Printemps dans la ville", a complete program of concerts in bars from the city center of Bourges during the festival.

At the end of the 90s, Daniel Colling preferred to rediscover the main idea of ​​his idea for the festival: audacity and discovery. The Printemps de Bourges format is becoming smaller and is fixed at around 50 seats. It is recognized as a place of excellence and relevance regarding the choices of its programming. It attracts a new population and arouses curiosity!

Spring as we like it

Since the 2000s, the scope of the festival has expanded more and more and has become a real revealer of new buzz. He took the opportunity to develop new formats such as Rock'n'Beat. The concept ? Uniting DJ turntables, guitars all night long in two different rooms... A real boost for the festival and as much to tell you that it moves the crowds! And like any beautiful end of history, in 2016, the anniversary of the 40th Printemps de Bourges is considered a symbolic event because for the occasion, a new style of evening is proposed, Happy Friday over two days, from Friday Saturday !